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Equilibrium and Acid Base Theories

What occurs at equilibrium? The rate of the forward reaction equals that of the reverse
When all coefficients in a rate law are doubled, what must the Kc do? It must be squared
When all the coefficients in a rate law are halved, what must the Kc do? The square root must be taken
When writing the Kc or Kp, what is the denominator? The reactants are the denominators
The reaction is product favored if the Kc is large
When heat is added the reaction goes to the side away from the side in which the heat appears on
When heat is taken away the reaction goes towards the heat to replace it
Catalysts do not affect equilibrium
If a noble gas is added at constant volume there will be a change because the pressure will increase
A decrease in volume increases the pressure and causes a shift that favors less moles of a gas
An increase in volume decreases the pressure and causes a shift that favors more moles of gas
If a common ion is added shift away from that ion
What is the relationship between Ka, Kb and Kw? Ka+ Kb= Kw
What is Kw? It is 1.0x10^/14
How do you find the pH using the Molarity? pH=-log[M]
What must be remembered for the sig figs of Acids and Bases? Sig figs start AFTER the decimal point
What is different about the Ice Boxes of acids and bases? You must take the negative logs of the concentrations at the end
What is the difference between a strong acid and a weak one? Strong acids will ionize COMPLETELY.
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