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Myers' Math Vocab

Myers' Math Vocab Grade 4

equilateral triangle a triangle with all sides the same
scalene triangle a triangle with all sides different
isoceles a triangle with 2 sides the same and 1 different
polygon a closed figure with straight sides; many sides and many angles
quadrilateral a figure with 4 sides
parallel lines lines that are equidistant apart and will never cross
perpendicular lines lines that form a 90 degree angle
intersecting lines lines that cross
congruent same size same shape
similar same shape different size
coordinates ex: (5,3) over then up
round slip to the side and look for a five....if the number to the right is 5 or higher round up
estimate "That's abouuuuut....." quickly round number
compare fractions criss-cross multiply from bottom to top and then compare products
order fractions compare 2 at a time using criss-cross OR remember close numbers mean large; far apart numbers mean small fraction
equivalent fractions fractions that are the same amount but different size pieces ex: 1/2 = 2/4
translation slide
rotation turn
reflection flip
symmetry cut figure in half, fold, and both halves match
ray one endpoint and goes on in one direction
line set of points that go on and on in both directions
line segment part of a line with 2 endpoints
decimal place value tenths, hundredths, thousandths
add/subtract decimals line up decimals no matter what and +/- normally
compare decimals write numbers under each other vertically and fill in zeros; remember that tenths are BIGGEST
+\- like fractions add or subtract numerator; leave denominator the same
prime number number that only has 1 and itself as factors
composite number number that has more than 2 factors; 1 is neither prime nor composite
long multiplication lattice or traditional
variable an unknown in an equation and is represented by a letter of the alphabet
likelihood possible, impossible, likely, unlikely
probability chances; can be written as fraction or 1 out of 5
area space inside a figure; count boxes or length x width; label is sq in, sq ft, etc.
perimeter distance around figure; add all sides or count unit lengths; label is just cm, in, ft, units
volume Space inside a 3D solid; l x w x h; label is cubic ft, cubic in, cubic units
fractions on number line numerator and denominator close together--closer to 1 and far apart--closer to 0
line graph display data; shows increases (ups) and decreases (downs); EX: temperatures
bar graph display data; good for comparing; need title, labels, bars, number scale
median the number in the middle of a set of data that is in least to greatest order
mode the number you see the MOST in a set of data that is in least to greatest order
range greatest minus least
ordered pairs found on a coordinate grid; over then up or x number then y number; found in parentheses
2D figures that have length and width; sides, corners
3D solid figures that have length, width, and height; faces, edges, vertices
place value going left--ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions
order decimals write all numbers under each other vertically and line up decimals; fill in holes with zeros
line plot uses Xs to show data; holes are empty, clumps have a lot of Xs in one area
factors numbers you multiply together in multiplication problem
multiples like products; answers to multiplcation
measure length customary: in, ft, yd metric: mm, cm, m, km
measure capacity customary: cup, pint, quart, gallon metric: milliliters,liters
measure mass customary: ounces, pounds, tons metric: grams and kilograms
Created by: Myersg