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SSAT stack!!!

Stack #11805

prevalent common
polish burnish
era epoch
egress exit
unique singular
contrivance plot
mar ruin/spoil
astute sharp/shrewd
corpulent obese/fat
flue shaft/vent
founder sink/fail
extol praise
stature standing
androgynous bisexual
scull racing boat
sullied dishonored/violated
apiary place where people keep bees
aviary large cage where birds are kept as pets
incumbent current/present
congenial friendly/pleasent
aspirant applicant/hopeful
azure blue
monarch a type of butterfly that migrates
swag loot/plunder/rob
flax a plant with blue flowers grown for its stems or seeds, or the thread made from this plant
ore rock or soil from which metal can be obtained
swath to wrap round or cover with cloth
swathe long strip of cloth/a long strip of land
swathe varied section/range
integrate mix
coalesce combine
assimilate adjust/absorb
aggregate combine/collection/collective
dissipate disperse
speculate wonder/consider
sporadic intermittent/irregular/on and off
fluctuate vary/change
vacillate hesitate
quarry mine (as in I worked in a mine)
fissure crack/split
incompetent useless
ingenuity inventiveness/creativity/cleverness
competent able
compel force
agility quickness/nimbleness/liveliness
ascertain find out
insinuation sly suggestion/hint
aloof distant
residual remaining/leftover
surrogate substitute
adjunct accessory/addition
compulsion force/urge/obligation
assailable vulnerable
permissible allowable
skit short, amusing play
limerick amusing poem with 5 lines
impious sinful
dodo type of bird
intangible not able to be touched
inadvertent unintentional
incendiary causes fires/likely to cause violence or strong feelings of anger
lapel strip of cloth which is part of the front of a jacket or coat.
recalcitrant disobediant
insolent disrespectful
corral shut within
quiver something that holds arrows
opulent wealthy
garrulous talkative
sprightly energetic
altruistic kind
choleric very angry/easily annoyed
desolation misery/isolation
scholarly learned
pedantic givingmuch attention to big rules rather than unimportant details
decout religious
sanctimous pious
placated pacified
entice attract/charm
browbeat badger/bully
beguile lure/charm
variegated multicolored
threshold doorsill
casement window
ardent passionate
pensive thoughtful
banal commonplace/ordinary
insipid unexciting/dull
reproachful critical/stern
accomplish achieve
apparel garb
brand trademark
colossal immense
cleave split
ghastly frighteningly terrible
mortgage debt on a property
treacherous disloyal
grudging reluctant
counsel advice
vain conceited
oratory eloquence
Created by: HkissesCandy