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HS2C3 Test Review

Meanings + action past vs. ongoing past vs. present tense

consigue s/he gets (obtains, acquires)
consiguió s/he got (obtained, acquired)
supo s/he found out
consiguieron they got (obtained, acquired)
conseguí I got (obtained, acquired)
conseguiste you got (obtained, acquired)
pudo s/he managed to
ganaron they won
gané I won
ganó s/he/it (the team) won
hay que intentar you gotta try
ganamos We win/we won
fui a I went (to)
fuiste a you went(to)
fue a s/he/it went(to)
fuimos a we went(to)
fueron a they went(to)
iba a I/he/she was going(to) or used to go(to)
dijo s/he said/told
decía I/she/he used to say/tell (were saying/telling)
dice s/he says/tells
dije I said/told
tuve/tenía I had
tuvo/tenía s/he had
I know
no sabe qué hacer s/he doesn't know what to do
no sabía qué cocinar I/she/he didn't know what to cook
superé I overcame
superó s/he overcame / it surpassed/exceeded
superaste you overcame
superaron they overcame/surpasses/exceeded
no hay más remedio que estudiaR There's no other choice but TO STUDY
se pierde s/he gets lost
me pierdo I get lost
me perdía I used to get (always got) lost
me perdí I got lost
perdió las joyas s/he lost the jewelry
se perdieron they got lost
perdimos we lost the game
te perdiste you got lost
hay que ganar you gotta win
no lo aguanto más I can't stand it anymore
no lo aguantó más S/he couldn't stand it anymore
ni siquiera not even
sigo superando I keep overcoming
siguió ganando s/he kept winning
seguimos perdiendo We keep/kept on /continue(d) losing
llevaba I/she/he was wearing
se dieron por vencidos they gave up
me di por vencido/a I gave up
me doy por vencido/a I give up
no nos damos por vencidos we don't give up
a la derecha to/on the right
a la izquierda to/on the left
olvidé I forgot
eran de mala calidad they were bad quality
tomé la decisión I made a decision
vende s/he/it sells
superó s/he overcame
estaba desilusionado I/she/he was disappointed
se veía guapo s/he was looking really good/handsome
¡Qué va! No way!
¡Qué alivio! What a relief!
es de buena calidad it's of good quality
estaba loco por I/she/he was crazy about
vio s/he saw
dio s/he gave
no había más remedio que ayudaR there was no other choice but to help
vi I saw
di I gave
Created by: Hamzone
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