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science grew out of greek philosophy, alchemy, and natural philosophy
Our study of material universe has technological theoretical
alchemy a mixture of chemistry and magic
natural philosophy philosophical speculation about nature
Francis Bacon thought that science would increase human happiness and prosperity
green chemistry (also known as sustainable chemistry) reduce pollution and provide safer products
The main theme of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was that life on Earth would be pesticides
Galileo has been called the father of modern science because he made observations and did experiments
which best exemplifies sustainable chemistry? plastic bottles are made from both petroleum and recycled plastic
hypotheses= educated guesses tentative explanations of observed data
scientific laws is large amounts of scientific data can sometimes be summarized in brief statements
theory the best current explanation for a phenomenon (but is always tentative)
theories provide organization for scientific knowledge, but they are also useful for their: predictive value
scientific model tangible items or pictures to represent invisible processes
variable something that can change over the course of an experiment
To gather information to support or discredit a hypothesis, a scientist conducts experiments
The statement that mass is always conserved when chemical changes occur is an example of a scientific law
a success theory can be used to make predictions
which of the following is not a hypothesis? Extrasensory perception works only when no negative forces are present
A possible explanation for a collection of observations is called a(n) theory
social problems are difficult to solve because it is difficult to control variables
How can we determine when the benefits outweigh the risks? DQ
Our perception of risk is often different from actual risk
technology the application of knowledge for practical purposes
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