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Linear Regression

vocabulary for linear regression study

input variable the independent variable
line of best fit a line whose equation represents the smallest possible differences between the squares of observed minus predicted values on a line
linear correlation coefficient the strength of a linear relationship between two variables, determined by the preciseness of shift in y as x increases.
linear regression the straight line that best describes the relationship between two variables
negative correlation a correlation in which an increase in x leads to a decrease in y.
ordered pairs a mathematical expression (x, y) where x is the input variable written first, and y is the output variable written second.
output variable the dependent variable
positive correlation a correlation in which an increase in x leads to an increase in y.
predicted value the value of y calculated by modeling a particular value of x with a prediction equation.
prediction equation an equation that models a mathematical relationship between x and y with an algebraic expression.
scatter plot a plot of all the ordered pairs of bivariate data on a coordinate axis system.
slope the ratio of the rise over the run of a line.
bivariate data data that describes two characteristics for each observation
correlation coefficient the numerical measure of the direction and strength of a linear association
interpolation using the line of regression to predict a y-value for an x-value within the x-data
extrapolation using the line of regression to predict a y-value for an x-value outside of the x-data set
residual the difference between the observed value of y and the predicted value of y
residual plot a scatterplot of the residuals plotted to the x-values or predicted y-values
coefficient of determination r squared measures the percentage of total variation in the response variable that is explained by the least-squares regression line
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