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Ethno 50B musicians


Charlie Parker bebop alto sax; composer; band leader
Dizzy Gillespie bebop trumpet; composer; band leader
Thelonious Monk bebop piano; composer
Tad Dameron bebop pianist; composer
John Lewis bebop composer; co-founded Modern Jazz Quartet
Kenny Clarke bebop drummer
Max Roach bebop drummer
Charles Mingus bebop bass
Ray Brown bebop bass
Oscar Pettiford bebop bass
Bud Powell bebop piano
George Shering bebop piano
Oscar Peterson bebop piano
Dexter Gordon bebop tenor sax
Stan Getz bebop tenor sax sideman of Woody Herman's band
Sonny Stitt bebop tenor sax
Fats Navarro bebop trumpet
JJ Johnson bebop; hard bop trombone
Woody Herman bebop big band leader; Woody Herman's Thundering Herd
Miles Davis Emerged at tail-end of bebop period but advanced into cool
Modern jazz quartet Cool Jazz; Led by John Lewis
Lennie Tristano Cool jazz Pianist; composer; band leader; blind
Lee Konitz Cool jazz; Alto sax; student of Tristano, became band member
Gil Evans Cool jazz; Composer; Birth of the Cool with Miles Davis
Woody Herman's Thundering Herd Associated with both bebop and cool jazz
Chet Baker Cool jazz Trumpet; vocalist Got start with baritone sax Gerry Mulligan
Shorty Rogers Cool jazz Trumpet; composer; arranger Played with both Woody Herman and Stand Kenton
Jack Sheldon Cool jazz Trumpet; vocalist; actor
Art Farmer Cool jazz Trumpet; From Iowa, but was part of Cool jazz on west coast; Lionel Hampton Band
Art Pepper Cool jazz Alto sax Started with Stan Kenton
Jimmy Giuffre Cool jazz Primarily tenor sax; clarinetist; arranger; composer; Composed "Four Brothers" that was performed by Woody Herman's Thundering Herd; not actual band player
Paul Desmond Cool jazz; Alto sax; Composer ("Take Five"); Member of Dave Brubeck Quartet; "Dry Martini";
Gerry Mulligan Cool jazz Baritone sax; composer; arranger; Had light touch for being baritone; Pioneered a quartet that was piano-less
Chico Hamilton Cool jazz; Drummer; Gerry Mulligan's piano-less quartet;
Shelly Manne Cool jazz; Drummer; Played with both Stan Kenton and Woody Herman; "Shelly Manne's Manhole" club;
Jim Hall Cool jazz; Guitar; economy of notes; soft, shallow sound;
Carl Fontana Cool jazz; Trombone; Played in Woody Herman's band; Second only to JJ Johnson
Frank Rosolino Cool jazz; Trombone; Sideman in Stan Kenton's band; Bop-oriented but played with lots of Cool musicians;
Bob Brookmeyer Cool jazz; Trombone; Teacher; Composer; Arranger;
Dave Brubeck Cool jazz; Piano; Leader of Dave Brubeck Quartet
Antonia Carlos Jobim Bassa Nova; Composer; piano; guitar;
Julian "Cannonball" Adderley Hard bop; Alto sax; Started quintet with brother, Nat; This was unusual because quintet usually has tenor - Cannonball was Alto;
Horace Silver Hard bop; Pianist; composer; arranger; cofounded Jazz Messengers but left for "artistic reasons" - leaving the group to Art Blakey;
Tommy Flannigan Hard bop; Piano; Technical proficiency; Sideman to lots of famous ppl;
Ahmed Jamal Hard bop; Piano; One of Miles Davis' favorite pianists
Cedar Walton Hard bop; Piano;
Clifford Brown Hard bop; Trumpet; Was only clean, famous, Jazz musician; Died in a car accident at 25;
Freddy Hubbard Hard bop; Trumpet; From Indianapolis; Harmonically daring - took chances on notes; "Maiden Voyage";
Lee Morgan Hard bop; Trumpet; composer; latin flavor;
Art Blakey Hard bop; Drummer; Cofounder of Jazz Messengers; Later "Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers";
Philly Joe Jones Hard bop; Drummer; Most influential next to Max Roach; conversation-like phrases;
Sonny Rollins Hard bop; Tenor sax; composer; band leader; Took break to practice bridge -> creative breakthrough;
Gene Ammons Hard bop; Tenor sax; Style somewhere b/w bop and hard bop - leaned towards funkiness of hard bop;
Benny Golsan Hard bop; Tenor sax; composer "Whisper Not", "Killer Joe"; arranger; Started as member of Jazz Messengers; Co-founded the "Jazztet" with Art Farmer;
John Coltrane Hard bop; Tenor sax; composer; most influential sax player after Charlie Parker;
Joe Henderson Hard bop; Tenor sax; composer; Sideman in Horace Silver's band;
Curtis Fuller hard bop; trombone; member of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers; off and on with Benny Golson;
Wes Montgomery hard bop; guitar; one of most influential since Charlie Christian (electric guitar); self taught - didn't start playing music until age 19; played with thumb not pick;
Kenny Burrell hard bop; guitar; recorded 100+ as band leader; some of first recording experience was with Dizzy; UCLA Jazz Dept Chair; "Solero";
Joe Pass hard bop; guitar; lots of bebop influence in his playing; solo without amplification - archtop acoustic guitar;
Grant Green hard bop; guitar; semi-hollow guitar (very thin); composer;
George Benson hard bop; guitar;
Pat Martino hard bop; guitar;
Thad Jones hard bop; trumpet; composer; big band leader
Gerald Wilson hard bop; trumpet; composer; big band leader;
Maynard Ferguson hard bop; trumpet; white big band leader;
Jimmy Smith hard bop; organ player; most famous; gospel/soul influence.
Jack McDuff hard bop; organ player; funky with tinge of gospel;
Jimmy McGriff hard bop; organ player;
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