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6th Grade Stem Words

logy specified study
ist one who
tion act or state
fore before
sim similar, same
dia across, out
lect choose, gather
max great
con together
ques question
de down
ment act
se apart
pass feel, suffer
com with, together
mega large
pre before
fic make
re again
fer carry
meter measure
inter between
sequ follow
multi many
equi equal
able ability to
ness quality
un not
ful full of
gen origin
anti against
fy make
poly many
ject throw
graph writing
auto self
omni all
less without
super over
spec look
intro into
liter letter
neg not or deny
voc voice
trans across, through, beyond
tox poison
bi two
jus law
term end
sub under
kin motion
hypo little, under
semi half
micro small
mas great
trem shake
mis bad
bene good
cise out, cut
phob fear
en in, into
hap chance
rect straight
viv life
quar four
val strength
tang touch
pan all
cent one hundred
mar sea
lau wash
cosmo world, universe
extra beyond
punct point
quint` five
Created by: Icehouse