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Unit 1 Key Terms

The three measures of central tendency are... Mean, Median, and Mode
The three types of random samples are... Simple, Systematic, and Stratified
The two types of biased samples are... Convenience and Voluntary Response
The two types of samples are... Random and Biased
Information gathered from a study, survey, or other means of collection is called... Data
Data that can be placed into categories is called... Qualitative Data
Data in the form of measurements or numerical values is called... Quantitative Data
The large group of which individuals are chosen from to participate in a survey would be called the... Population
The group of indiviuals chosen from the population to participate in a survey would be called the... Sample
This is a special survey in which all of the units of a population are included. Census
A sample chosen without any preference is called... Random
A sample chosen with preference where individuals chosen are favored is called... Biased
The difference between the greatest and least element is called the... Range
The range is a measurement of... dispersion
A chart that lists the number of times, or frequency, that each data value appears is called a... Frequency Table
A table where values are grouped into classes that contain a range of values is called a... Grouped Frequency Table
30% and the 30th percentile mean the same thing: true or false False
The number of standard deviations that a value is from the mean is called the... Z-score
This allows you to determine the likely range for the true population proportion. Margin of Error
When you add up all of the elements in a data set and then divide by the number of elements in the set you are finding the... Mean
The element that occurs most often in a data set is called the... Mode
The element that is in the middle of a data set is called the... Median
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