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WWW List #10

Word Within a Word v. 1

StemMeaningSample words
ped foot or child orthopedist, pediatrician
mort death mortal, mortician
carn flesh carnivore, carnage
psych soul psychology, psychic
ethno race or culture ethnic group, ethnography
gen origin genetics, gene
nat born nativity, natal
paleo old paleontologist, paleography
curs run cursive, incursion
crypt hidden cryptic, encrypt
cad fall cascade, decadent
capit head decapitate, capital
loqu talk eloquent, soliloquy
sacro holy sacrament, sacred
uni one universe, unicorn
ness quality softness, politeness
alt high altitude, altar
ics art politics, graphics
iso equal isothermal, isosceles
vert turn convert, invert
ate cause domesticate, dominate
cor heart core, courageous
ess female lioness, princess
muta change mutant, mutate
fug flee fugitive, refugee
Created by: fatfan46



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