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Chemistry Ch. 2

Which property of matter is a measure of the gravitational force? weight
In a graduated cylinder containing several liquid layers, the least dense liquid is found... floating at the top
How does a physical change differ from a chemical change? A physical change keeps its composition.
Melting crayons is an example of a... physical change
Which of the following units would be best for describing the volume of mercury (liquid) used in an experiment? liters or milliliters
Which of the following events is not a common sign that a chemical change has taken place? change in state
What chemical property is responsible for iron rusting? reactivity with oxygen
The motion of a 150g ball is more difficult to change than the motion of a 50g ball because the 150g ball has... more mass than the 50g ball
What unit of density would be appropriate to describe a solid bar of silver? g/cm3
Which physical property of matter describes the relationship between mass and volume? density
Souring milk is an example of a... chemical change
Malleability is an example of a... physical property
The saltiness of seawater is the result of... solubility
Objects float or sink as a result of... density
The physical form in which a substance exists is... state
The type of matter that makes up an object and the way it is arranged is... composition
The breakdown of water to form two gases is the result of... electrolysis
The ability of a substance to resist changes in motion is... inertia
The tendency of a substance to resist burning is... nonflammability
The rate at which a substance conducts heat is called... thermal conductivity
Because of _______ all objects tend to resist a change in motion. inertia
The physical property of matter that describes the relationship between mass and volume is _______. density
Water evaporating from a puddle is an example of a _______________. physical change
One way to learn about the ________ properties of a substance is to observe what new substances form during reaction. chemical
An object's ______ is affected by the gravitational force. weight
A copper penny can turn green if it reacts with carbon dioxide and water. This is an example of a _______________. chemical change
Which of the following is not a physical property of matter? reactivity with water
During physical changes, matter always retains its... identity
To compare the densities of oil and water, pour the liquids into a container and observe how they... separate into layers
Summarize the difference between mass and weight. 1. Mass is a measure of the amount of matter, and weight is a measure of the gravitational force. 2. Weight depends on the location. 3. Mass is measured with a balance and written in g/kg, and weight is measured with a spring scale and written in N.
What has mass and takes up space? volume
Aluminum made into thin sheets of foil is an example of ____________. malleability
An ice cube made of solid water is an example of _____. state
Rust forming on metal is an example of __________. reactivity
Copper pulled into thin wires is an example of _________. ductility
A flavored drink mix dissolving in water is an example of __________. solubility
Objects floating or sinking is an example of _______. density
Wood burning in a fireplace is an example of ____________. flammability
A flower smelling sweet is an example of ____. odor
Things with ______ cannot share the same place at the same time. volume
A chemical ________ describes which changes are possible for a substance. property
A chemical ______ describes the process by which new substances are formed. change
The amount of matter in an object is its ____. mass
The SI Unit for mass is _________________. grams or kilograms
If you know an object's mass you can figure out its ______ on Earth. weight
You could use ___________ to measure the volume of a soft drink. milliliters
State- the physical form in which a substance exists
Identity- during physical changes, matter always retains its
Composition- the type of matter that makes up an object and the way it is arranged
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