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science final chem8

science final chemistry 8th-ions, bonding, atoms(ect)

ion an atom with a charge, formed from losing or gaining electrons
ionic bond the attraction between a positive and negative ion, the result of an electron transfer
ionic compound a compound made up of positive and negative ions. the overal charge is nuetral
chemical formula a group of symbols that show how many of each element is in a compound
subscript indentifies the ratio of the elements in the compound
chemical reaction a chemical change in matter that produces one or more substances
physical properties of ionic compound solubility in water crystal lattice structure electrical conductivity brittleness
what happens in ionic bonding -electron transfer -forms between ions -occurs between metals and non-metals
what group of elements on the periodic table are all ready happy and complete? group 18 because they have 8 valance electrons
what threeparts make up the atom proton(+), nuetron(no charge), and electron(-)
electrons located in outermost ring on atom is... valence electrons
group vertical rows on periodic table
period horizantal row on periodic table
true or false? are atoms nuetral?why? true! because the number of protons equals the number of electrons, which mean the charges cancle out, causing a nuetral/ no charge
atoms considered to be building blocks of matter. They are the smallest possible unit that an element can be divided into and still be the same element.
oxidation number represents the total charge of an ion(charged atom) after an electron transfer has taken place.
Oxidation numbers:lithium (name protons, electrons, valence, bonding rule, type of ion formed, oxi #) protons=3 electrons=3 valence electron=1 bonding=lose 1 electron type of ion= + charge oxidation #= 1+
oxidation numbers: Potassium- protons-19 electrons-19 valence electrons-1 bonding rule-lose 1 electron type of ion formed- (-) oxidation number+ 1-
if electrons are lost it becomes a ______ ion POSITIVE!
if electrons are gained it becomes a ________ ion NEGATIVE!
law of conservation states that matter cannot be created nor destroyed durring chemical or physical changes
mass the measurment of how much matter an object contains
the volume of an irregular object can be measured by ... submerging the object in water in a graduated cylinder
in the labortory volumes of liquid are usually measured with a graduated cylinder
anthing that has mass and takes up space is called matter
how would you calculate the density of an object? divide it's mass by it's volume
the metric base unit for mass is grams
which two metric measrements are the same when measureing liquids? mL and cm3
a helium balloon floats in air because helium is less dense than air
is there a difference between mass and weight? yes because weight changes with gravity and mass does not.
matter is anything that has.. mass and volume
the density of water is 1.0 g/cm3
the measurement of how much mass is contained in a given amount of space is called? density
the units: litter, milliliter, and cubic centimeter are all used to measure the_________ of and object volume
density is a__________property of matter physical
length*width*height gives us the_____of a rectangular box volume formula
a volume of 25 mililitters is _______a volume of 25 cubic centimeters is equal too
mass is the measure of the total amount of_______is an object matter
when measuring liquid volume you must look eye level at the graduated cylinder and read the measurements from the bottom of the ____________? meniscus
what method can be used to find the amount of space that an irregulary shaped object takes up water displacement method
in which state of matter do the particles spread apart and fill all the space availibe to them? gas state
what happens durring the process of sublimation a solid turns directly into a gas
the change from liquid to solid, or the reverse of melting is called frezzing
particles of a liquid are free to move in a conatiner but remain in close contact with one another
what is vaporation a liquid becoming a gas
what happens to the mass of something as it changes from a liquid to a solid? the mass stays the same
the boiling point of a substance is affected by the elevation or air pressure
the oppisite of vaporation is called condensation
when an inflated soccer ball is exposed to cold air... the volume of the bal decresses
the amount of space that a gas takes up is volume
the frezzing point of water is the same as its... melting point
a solid is a state of matter that has a definite volume and definite shape
what is a chemical property of paper it has the ability to burn
the key difference between water and water vapor is the kinetic energy of the particles
in which state of matter are the particles packed tightly together in fixed positions? solid
in which state of matter goes through changes in volume most easily? gas
what is true about solid particles/ particles in a solid? they are always vibrating in place
hot water has more________ than cold water kinetic energy
what happens to object in the cold? the particles contract
what happens to objects in the heat? the particles expand
and object in the liquid state has the same_____as the same object in a solid state mass
vinegar reacting with baking soda is a chemical change
filling a bike tire with air is a physical change
water evaporating from a sponge is a physical change
digesting a milkshake is a chamical change
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