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TCM Herbs 1

Herbs and actions

AI YE Stops Bleeding - Haemostatics
BAI HE Tonifies Yin
BAI JI Stops Bleeding - Haemostatics
BAI SHAO Tonifies Blood
BAI XIAN PI Clears Heat / Dispels Toxins
BAI ZHI Ext Res - Dispels Wind Cold
BAI ZHU Tonifies Qi
BAI ZI REN Tranquilize / calms Mind
BAN LAN GEN Clears Heat / Dispels Toxins
BAN XIA Warms, transforms Phlegm-Cold-Damp
BEI SHA SHEN Tonifies Yin
BING LANG Expels parasites - antihelmitics
BING PIAN Opens orifices, warms clears Heat
BO HE Ext Res - Dispels Wind Heat
BU GU ZHI Tonifies Yang
CANG ZHU Trans Turbid Damp / Aromatics
CHAI HU Ext Res - Dispels Wind Heat
CHE QIAN ZI Prom urination / relieves Oedema
CHEN PI Regulates Qi
CHI SHAO Clears Heat / cools Blood
CHUAN XIONG Circulates / invigorates Blood
CHUAN BEI MU Warms, transforms Phlegm-Heat
CI SHI Tranquilize / calms Mind
DA HUANG Purgative
DA ZAO Tonifies Qi
DAI ZHE SHI Clears Heat / exting LR Wind
DAN SHEN Reduces Blood stasis
DAN ZHU YE Clears Heat - Drains Fire
Created by: Gulshan