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Turkish verbs

common verb stems

anlamak to understand
gelmek to come, to arrive
olmak to be
okumak to read
pisirmek (sedilla s)(piSHirmek) to cook
dinlemek to listen
surmek (dotted u) to drive
ders calismak (sedilla c, sedilla s, undotted i)(CHaliSHmak) to study
seyretmek to watch
yemek to eat
odemek (dotted o) to pay
yurumek (both u's dotted) to walk
icmek (sedilla c)(iCHmek) to drink
uyumak to sleep
satin almak (undotted i) to buy
tasimak (sedilla s, undotted i) (taSHimak) to carry
konusmak (sedilla s) (konuSHmak) to talk, to speak
ogrenmek (dotted o, ge yumushakir g)(o_renmek) to learn
kilitlemek to lock
dogramak (ge yumushakir g)(do_ramak) to chop
koymak to put
alisveris (first i undotted i, 2 sedilla s) yapmak (aliSHveriSH yapmak) to do the shopping
sormak to ask
nefes almak to breath
fircalamak (undotted i, sedilla c)(firCHalamak) to brush
ogretmek (dotted o, ge yumushakir g)(o_retmek) to teach
sanmak to think
cignemek (sedilla c, ge yumushakir g)(CHi_nemek) to chew
temizlemek to clean
kapamak to close
oksurmek (dotted o, dotted u) to cough
kesmek to cut
bulmak to find
bitirmek to finish
tamir etmek to fix
tavada kizartmak (undotted i) to fry
bilmek to know
odemek (dotted o) to buy
vermek to give
izgarada (undotted i)pisirmek (sedilla s) izgarada piSHirmek to grill
mangal yapmak to BBQ
buyumek (2 dotted u's) to grow
yardim (undotted i) etmek to help
asmak to hang (clothing)
isitmek (sedilla s) (iSHitmek) to hear
duymak to hear
utulemek (2 dotted u's) to iron, to press
oldurmek (dotted o, dotted u) to kill
bakmak to look at
yapmak to prepare, to make
acmak (sedilla c) (aCHmak) to open
tasinmak (sedilla s, undotted i) (taSHinmak) to move, to relocate
hissetmek to feel
agrimak (ge yumushakir g, undotted i) (a_rimak) to hurt, to ache
kasinmak (sedilla s, undotted i) (kaSHinmak) to itch
baslamak (sedilla s)(baSHlamak) to start
yagmur(ge yumushakir g) yagmak(ge yumushakir g)(ya_mur ya_mak) to rain
beklemek to wait
uyanmak to wake up
kalkmak to wake up
yurumek (2 dotted u's) to walk
yikamak (undotted i) to wash (face)
bulasik (sedilla s, undotted i) yikamak (bulaSHik yikamak) to wash (dishes)
istemek to want
arzu etmek to want
yazmak to write
calismak (sedilla c, undotted i, sedilla s) (CHaliSHmak) to work
gormek (dotted o) to see
soylemek (dotted o) to tell
terketmek to leave
varmak to arrive
satmak to sell
gitmek to go
oturmak to sit
Created by: candidcorner
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