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how many significant figures? 1) 0.00002453mm 2) 1100ft 3)2.334x10^5 1) 4 2) 2 3) 4
q energy
m mass
TriangleT change in temp.
Endothermic Process absorbs energy
Heat is always transferred from _____ objects to _____ cooler objects. warmer cooler
Scientific Notation 123 000 000 123 x 10^6
H2 N2 O2 examples of what? Diatomic Elements
OJ with pulp in oil and water is example of what kind of mixture? Heterogeneous
The _______ _________ is a factor that's intentionally varied by the experimenter. independant variable
6 classifications of matter solid liquid gas compound mixture element
A ____ has a fixed volume and shape that result from the way their particles are arranged. Solid
Basic SI unit for amount of substance. Mole
_____ are pure substances that are only made up of one type of atom. Element
2 types of pure substance element and compound
Chemical compounds always contains the same element in exactly the same proportions by weight and mass? law of DP
Law that states the closer 2 charges are the greater the force. Coulomb's
Who created law of octaves? John Newlands
How did Medeleev organize elements increasing atomic mass
How did Moseley organize elements increasing atomic #
define periodic law states how elements are arranged according to their atomic #
which family has the most stable elements. why? noble gas because they have full set of valence electrons.
elements are mainly what? metals
what are the properties of metals? good conductor of heat and electricity ductile malleable chemical properties shiny
list the 11 families hydrogen alkali/earth metals transition boron carbon nitrogen oxygen halogen noble rare earth
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