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org chem

edexcel a level unit 2

Combusting an alcohol in excess oxygen gives... Carbon dioxide and water only
What is observed on reacting an alcohol with sodium Effervescence, white solid product forms.
What is the test for the presence of the -OH functional group? What type of reaction is this? Add PCl5. Positive result = steamy fumes of HCl given off. Substitution reaction.
Why is pentan-1-ol insoluble in water? The sum of the intermolecular forc
Describe how you would produce butanal from butanol Heat with sulfuric acid and potassium dichromate (VI)and distil off the product.
What reagents are required for the production of a haloalkane containing iodine as the halogen? What are the conditions for the reaction? phosphorus chloride, an alcohol. Distil and collect under ice water
Describe the preparation of an alkene from a haloalkane heat with alcoholic KOH/ alkali
The addition of aqueous alkali to a haloalkane to form an alcohol is an example of what type of reaction? Nucleophilic substitution
How would you form an amine from a haloalkane heat under pressure with alcoholic ammonia
What are the disadvantages of using CO2 in extinguishers, compared with haloakanes Liquid CO2 is heavier and more expensive
Why are halon extinguishers banned? The CFCs contained were carcinogenic and depleted the ozone layer
Describe the purification of a haloalkane add anhydrous CaCl2 if making chloroalkane. Shake in separating funnel. discard aquous layer. Wash with sodium hydrogencarbonate solution until no Co2 given off. Dry with anhydrous sodium sulfate. filter through glass wool. redistil.
Created by: hampsteerhead