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Work and Energy

Study for Chapter 9 Work and Energy

What is work? Transfer of energy. Equation is W=F*D
What is the unit for work? Joule One Joule = One Newton * One Meter
For work to be done the force and motion must be in the ________ line same
If a force is applied to an object and it moves in a direction opposite to the direction of the force, _________ work is done. negative
If someone carries a 150 N object to a table for a distance of 10 meters, why is no work done? The motion and the applied force have to be in the same line.
What does it mean to say that force and motion are in the same line? They are either in the same or opposite direction as each other.
How is power calculated? Work/Time.
What's the formula for work w=f*d
Sam has to use 250 N of force to move the piano 10 meters. How much work has been done to the panio? 2500J
What is kinetic energy? The energy of motion.
What is the formula for kinetic energy? KE=1/2mv^2
What is mechanical energy? the sum of potential energy and kinetic energy
What energy is stored energy that has not been used yet? Potential Energy
What is the equation for Velocity when using only mass and kinetic energy? V = √(2KE / M)
Potential and Kinetic energy are measured in what unit? Joules
When playing the game of football what is your potential energy as a lineman When playing football as a lineman your potential energy is when you are in your stance and then you release your energy when you hit the other players.
What is mechanical energy measured in? joules
Stretching or compressing a spring is an example of ________ elastic potential energy
What is the equation for kinetic energy Kinetic Energy= 1/2 * m * v^2.
What happens to the kinetic energy when the mass gets doubled the kinetic energy would double.
What kind of potential energy would you have if you were standing on top of a staircase? gravitational potential energy
What would happen to the kinetic energy if you doubled the mass of an object that had 40 Joules of kinetic energy? The new kinetic energy would be 80 Joules
What would happen if you doubled the velocity of an object that had 25 joules of kinetic enrgy? The new kinetic energy would be 100 Joules
Machines make work ____ not less easier
What are the two types of mechanical advantage? actual mechanical advantage and ideal mechanical advantage
How is the Mechanical Advantage of a Wheel & Axle Determined? the formula is the ratio of the radius of the wheel to the radius of the axle.
What is mechanical advantage? a measure of how many times a machine multiplies your effort(input force).
What are some examples of third class levers? Tweezers. Mouse Traps. and Nail Clippers.
Define pulley a kind of lever that can be used to change the direction of a force and / or multiply tthe input force
What is the mechanical advantage of a fixed pulley? One
What is the mechanical advantage of one fixed and one movable pulley two
What is a fulcrum? It is the pivot point of a lever
How many classes of levers are there? Three
How is mechanical advantage related to the total number of pulleys in the pulley system? The number of pulleys equals the mechanical advantage.
What is the equation for Mechanical Advantage when dealing with distance? input distance/output distance
Explain the three classes of levers. Class 1:The fulcrum is between the load and the effort.Class 2:The load is between the fulcrum and the effort.Class 3:The effort is between the fulcrum and the load.
What is the equation for Mechanical Advantage when dealing with distance? input distance/output distance
How many different classes of levers are there? Three
What is an example of a class 3 lever? a broom
What is the equation for efficiency? E =work out divided by work in
Why is it impossible for a machine to 100% efficient? Some of the input work is always lost to friction
What is a by-product of friction? Heat (thermal energy)
If an inclined plane is 6 meters long and 2 meters high, how much force would you have to exert to move a 900 N box up the plane? 300 N (MA = 6/2 = 3)..Input Force = Output Force/MA...IF = 900N/3 = 300N
If a marble has a mass of .15kg and is at a height of 50 cm, how much GPE does it have? 0.735 Joules PE =mgh g= 9.8 h= 0.5 meters m= 0.15 kg
For a first class lever, where should the fulcrum and effort be placed to make it the easiest to lift a load? The fulrum should be as close to the load as possible and the effort should be as far away from the fulcrum as possible
if a simple machine reduces the amount of force you have to apply, what is the the "cost" of using the machine? You have to exert your lower force over a longer distance!
Created by: funfyzics
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