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academic decathalon

why do we yearn for happiness god has placed in our hearts such an infinite desire for happiness that nothing can satisfy it but go himself. all earthly fulfillment gives us only a foretaste of eternal happiness. above and beyone that, we should be drawn to god.
what reasons do christians give for human dignity every person, from the first moment of thier life in the womb, has an inviolable dignity, because from all eternity god willed, loved, created, and redeemed hat person and destined him for eternnal happiness
why do we need faith and the sacremanets in order to live a good, upright life? part 2 especially in the sacred signs that we call the sacraments, god gives us the ability actually to do the good that we want to do.
why do we need faith and the sacremanets in order to live a good, upright life? part 1 if we relied only on ourselves and our own streangh, we would not get far in in our attempts to be good. through faith we discover that we are god's children and that god makes us strong. when god gives us his strength or "grace"
does sacred sctiptue speak about a way to happiness we become happy by trusting in jesus' words in the beatitudes
the first beatitude blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
second beatitude blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted
third beatitude blessed are the meeek, for they shall inherit the earth
fourth beatitude blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied
fifth beatitude blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy
sixth beatitude blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see god
seventh beatitude blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
eigth beatitude Blessed are those who are persecuted for rightousness' sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
ninth beatitude blessed are yo when men rvile you and persecue yu andutter all kinds of evil agians you flasely on my account. rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted and the prophets wo were before you
why are the beatitudes so important those who yarn for the kingdom of God look to Jesus' list of priorities: the beatitudes
what is eternal happiness eternal hapiness is seeing God and being taken into God's happiness
wha tis freedom and what is it for greedom is the god-given power to be able to act of one's own accord; a person who is free no longer acts under the unfluence of someone else
but doenst " freedom" consist of being able to choose evil as well? evil is only apparently worth stiving for, and deciding in favor of evil only apparently makes us free. evil doen not make us happy but rather deprives us of what is truly good; it hains us to something futile and in the end destroy our freedom entirely
is man responsible for everything he does man is responsible for everything he does conciously and voluntarily
must we allow a person to use his free will, even when he decides in fvor of evil for a person to be able to use his freedom is a fundamental right based on his human dignity. an individual's freedom can be curtailed obnly if the exercise of hsi freedom is dterimental to human dignity and the freedom of others.
how does god help us to be free men christ wants us to be set free for freedom,and to become capable of brotherly love that is why he sends us the holy spirit, who makes us free and independent of worldly powers and strengthens us for a life of love and responsibility
how can a person tell whether his action is good or bad a person is capable of distigiushing good actions from bad ones because he possesses reason and a conscience which enable him to make clear judgements
may we do something bad so that good can result from it no we may never deliberately do something evil to tolerate an evil so that good can result from it. sometimes there is no course of action but to tolerate a lesser evil in order to prevent a greater evil.
why did god give us passions or emotions we have passions so that through strong emotions and distinct feelings we might be attracted to what is right and good and repelled form what is evil and bad
is someone a sinner if her experienced stron passins within himself no passions can be very vauluable they are desinged to lead to and reinforce good actions; only when they are disordered do the passions contribute to evil
what is consience it is the inner voice in a man that moves hime to do good under any circumstances and to avoid evil by all means. at the same time it is the ability to distinguish the one from the other. In the conscience God speaks to man.
can someone be compelled to do something that is against his conscience no one may be compelled to act against his conscience provided that he acts within the limits of the comon good.
can a person form his conscience yes, he must. the conscience,w hich is insnate to every person endowed with reason, can be misled and deadened. tat is why it must be fomred into an increasingly fine-tuned instrument for acting rightly
is someone who in good conscience acts wrongly guilty in God's sight no. a person has thoroughly examined himself and arrived at a certain judgement, he must in any case follow his inner voice, even at the risk of doing something wrong
what is it meant by a "virtue" it is an interior despositon, a positive habit, a passion that has been placed at the service of the good
why do we have to work to form out character we must work at forming our character so that we can freely, joyfully, and easily accomplish what is good
what helps us to freely joyfully and easily accomplish what is good a frim faith in god helps us to do this, but also the practice of the 'virtues' which means to develelping within ourselves with God's help, firm disposition, not giving ourselves to disorderly passion and directing our faculties of intellect towards good
hwo does a person become prudent a person becomes prudent by learning to distinguish what is essential from what is non-essential, to set the right goals and to hoose the best means of attaiing them
how does one act justly one acts justly by always making sure to give to God and to one's neighbor what is due to them.
what does it mean to have fortitude someone who practices fortitude perseveres in his commmintment to the good, once e has recongnized it, even if in extreme case he must sacrifice even his own life for it.
why is it virtuous to be moderate moderation is a virtue because immoderate behavior proves to be a destructive force in all areas of life
what are the three supernatural virtues faith, hope and charity
why are they called "supernatural" virtues becasue they have their foundation in God, are directly realted to God, and are for us men the way by which we can reach God directly
why are faith hope and charity virtues they are genuine powers-bestowed by God of course-that a person can develpe and consolidate wit the grace of god so as to obtain "the abundant life"
what is faith it is the power by which we assent to god, acknowledge his truth, and commit ourselves personally to him.
what is hope it is the pwer by which we firmly and constantly long for what we placed on earth to do: to praise god and to serve him; and for our true happiness which is finding fulfillment in God; and for our final home: in God
what is charity chaity is the power by which we, who have been loved first by god, can give ourselves to god so as to be united with him and can accept our neighbor for God's sake as unconditionally and sincerelely as we accept ourselves
what are the seven gifts of the holy spirit. wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the lord
what does the holy spirit do with its seven gifts it "endows" christians, in other words, he grants them particular powers that go beyond their natural aptitudes and gives them te opporunity to beome God's special instrument in this world
what are the fruits of the holy spirit the fruits of the holy spirit are charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self control, anc chasity
how does a person know that he has sinned a person knows that he has sinned through his conscience, which accuses him and motivates him to confess his offenses to God
why must a sinner turn to god and ask him for forgiveness. every sin destroys, obscures, or denies what is good; God however, is all-good and the author of all good. therefore every sin goes against God (also) and must be set right again through contact with him
how do we know that god is mercifull in any passages in sacred scripture God shows that he is merciful, especially in the parbale of the merciful father who goes out to meet his prodigal son, accepts him unconditionally, and celebrates his return and their reconciliation with joyfull banquet
what is a sin a word, dead, or intention by which man deliberately and voluntarily offends againts true order of things. as God's loving providence has arranged them.
how can we distinguish a serious sin (mortal sins) from less serious (venial sins)? serious isn destroys the divind power of love in a person's heart, without which there can be no eternal beatitude. Hence it is also called mortal sin. Serious sin breaks with god, whereas venial sin only strains the relationship with him
how can a person be delivered from a serious sin and reunited with God? in order to heal the break with God that is casued by a serious isn, a Catholic christians must be reconciled with God though confession
what are vices vices are negative habits that deaden and dull the conscience, incline a perosn to evil, and habitually prepare him for sin
are we responisble for the sins of other people no, we are not responsible for other people's sins, unless we are guilty of misleading or seducing another person to sin or of cooperating in it or of ecouraging someone else to sin or of neglecting to offer a timely warning or our help
is there such a thing as structures of sins structure of sin exists only in a manner of speaking. a sin is always connected with an individual person, who knowingly and willlingly agrees to something evil
can a christian be a radical individualist no, a christian can never be a radical individualist, because man is by nature designed for fellowship
how can the individual be integrated into society in such a way that he nevertheless can develope freely the individual can develope freely in society if the "principle of subsidiarity" is observed
what is the basis for authority in society every society relies on legitimate authority to ensure that it is orderly, cohesive, and smooth-running and to promote its development. it is in keeping with human nature, as created by God, that men allow themselves to be governed by legitimate authority
what can the individual contribute to the common good working for the common good means assuming responsibility for others
how does social justice come about in a society social justice comes about where the inalienable dignity of every person is respected and the resulting rights are safeguarded and championed without reservation. thesealso hold the right to active participation in political, economical and cultural life
to what extent are all men equal in God's sight all men are equal in God's sight insofar as all have the same Creator, all were created in the same image of God with a rational soul, and all have the same Redeemer
why is there nevertheless injustice among men all men have the same dignity, but not all of them meet with the same living conditions. in cases where injustice is man-made, it contradicts the Gospel.
what is God asking in cases where men have been endowed by god with different gifts and talents god is asking us to rely on one another: in charity one should make up for what the other lacks
is there a natural law that everyone can know if people are good and avoid evil, certainty about what is good or evil must be inscribed within them. in fact, there is such moral law that is, so to speak "natural" to men and can be known in principle by ever person by reason
what significance does the law of the old covenant have in the law (the torah) and its centerpiece, the Ten commandments (the Decalogue) the will of God is manifested to the people of isreal
What is more Important society or the individual? In gods sight every individual matters in the first place as a person and only then as a social being
On what principles does a society build? Every society builds on a hierarchy of values that is put into practice through justice and love.
When does an authority act legit? An authority acts legit acts legit when it works for the sake of common good and applies just methods of attaining the goal thereof
How can the common good be promoted How can the common good follows wherever the fundamental rights of a person are respected and men can freely develop their intellectual and religious potential. Common good implies that men can live in society with freedom, peace, and security. In an age
What does the common good imply? Common good implies that men can live in society with freedom, peace, and security. In an age of globalization the common good must also acquire a world wide scope and allow for the rights and duties of all mankind
How is the solidarity of Christians with other people expressed? Christians are committed to just societal structures. Part of this is universal access to the material, intellectual, and spiritual goods of this world. Christians Also make sure that the of human work is respected, which is just a wage.
Handing on faith is an act of... An act of solidarity with all mankind
What connection is there between the " natural moral law" and the Law of the Old Covenant? The Law of the Old Covenant expresses truths that by nature are evident to human reason yet are now proclaimed and authenticated as God's Law.
How did Jesus deal with the Law of the Old Covenant? "Do not think", says says Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, " that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have come not tO abolish them, but to fulfill them"(mt 5:17)
for Isreal, what is the central way to salvation following the Torah.
what can christians tell by the law (the torah) christians know that we can tell by the Law what ought to be done. They also know however, that it is not the law (the torah) that saves us
what is the Law the torah
how are we saved no man can save himself. christians believe that they are saved by god, who for this purpose sent his Son Jesus Christ into the world. `
what does salvation mean to us we are freed by the Holy Spirit from the power of sin and have been brought back from the realm of death to a life without life in god's presence
what does god's grace do to us God's grace brings us into the inner life of the Holy Trinity, into the exchange of love between Father, son and holy spirit. it makes us capable of living in god's love and of acting on the basis of this love.
What is grace? By grace we mean God's free, loving gift to us, his helping goodness, the vitality that comes that comes from him. Through the cross and the resurrection , god devotes himself entirely to us and communicates to us and communicates himself to us in grace.
What does god grant us without us deserving it in the least? Grace
How is gods grace related to our freedom? Gods grace is freely bestowed on a person, and it seeks and summons and seeks fim in to respond in complete freedom. Grace does not compel. Gods love wants our free assent.
can someone earb heaven by good works no. no man can gain heaven merely by his own efforts. the fact that we are saved is God's grace, pure and simple, which nevertheless demands the free cooperation of the individual.
are we all suposed to become saints? yes. the purpose of our life is to be united with God in love and to correspond entirely to God's wishes. we should allow god to "to live his life in us" that is what it is meant to be a "saint"
how does the church help us to lead a good and responsible life? •baptized•reeive faith that the church has preserved through the centuries•we hear the lliving word of god and learn how we must live if we want to please god•through the sacramentsthe church builds us up, strenthens and consoles us
how does the church help us to lead a good and responsible life? •in the church theere is the blazinf fire of the saints by which our hearts are kindled •in the church the eucharist is celebrated, in which christ's sacrifice united with him. we become his body and live by his strength
can anyone be a christian without the church no, despite all our human weaknesses, apart from the church, no one can be a christian
why does the church also make declarations about ethical questions and about matters of personal conduct believing is a path, one learns how to stay on this path, in other words,how to act rightly and to lead a good life, only by following the instructions in the gospel. the teaching authority of the church mustal remind people the demands of the natural law
how many percepts of the church are there five
what is the first of the "Five percepts of te church" 1)you shall attend mass on sunday and holy days of obligation and abstain from workd or activities that offend against the character of the day
what is the second of the "Five percepts of te church" 2)you shall eceive the sacrament of the Penance at least once a year
what is the third of the "Five percepts of te church" you shalll receive the eucharist at least during the easter season
what is the fourth of the "Five percepts of te church" you shll observe the rescribed seasons of fasting and days of abstinence (ahs wednesday and good friday)
what is the fifth of the "Five percepts of te church" you shall contribute to the material support of the church
what is the purpose of the precepts of the church, and how binding are they the precepts, with their minimum requirements are supposed to remind us that one cannot be a chritian without making a moral effort, without participating personally in the sacramental life of the church, and without union with her in solidarity.
are the precepts of the church obligatory yes, they are obligatory for every catholic christian
why is "not practicing what you preach" such a serious defiency in a christian agreement between one's life and witness is the first requirement for proclaiming the Gospel. not practicing what you profess is therefor hypicrisy
what is hypocrisy a betrayal of the christian duty to be salt of the earth and light of the world
teacher, what...must i do to have eternal life? jesus says, "if you would enter life, keep the comandments." then he adds, "and come follow me."
what is the first commandment i am the lord your god; you shall not have strange Gods before me.
what is the second commandment you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain
what is the third commandment remember to keep holyl the Lord's day
what is the fourth commandment honor your father and your mother
what is the fifth commandment you shall not kill
what is the sixth commandment you shall not commit adultery
what is the seventh commandment you shall not steal
what is the eighth commandment you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
what is the ninth commandment you shall not covet your neighbors wife
what is the tenth commandment you shall not covet your neighbors goods
are the ten commandments in a random list no
why are the ten commandments in a specific order they form a unity. once commandment refers to another. you cannot arbitrarily toss the individual commandments. someone who breakes one commandmet is violating the whole law
aren't the ten commandments outmoded no, the ten commandments are by no means the product of a particular time. they express man's fundamental obligations toward god and neighor which are always and everywhere vaild
what is the meaning of the first commandment, "i am the Lord, your god." god has revealed himself to us as our god and lord, we must not place anything above him or consider anything more important or give other thing or person priority over him. ot know god and to seve and worship him has absolute priority in our life
why do we worship god we worship god becasue he exists and because reverence and worship are appropriate response to his revelation an his presence. "you shall worship the lord your god and him only shall you serve."
can people be forced to beliee in god no.
cAN force others to believe in god no. not even one's own children, just as no one may be forced to be and ubeliever. a person can make the decision to believe only in complete freedom. christians however, are called to help other people, by word and example to find the way to faith
you shall not have strange gods before me-what does that mean the commandment forbids us to do things
what does the commandment forbid us to do #1 •to adore other gods and pagan deities or to worhip and earthly iodl or to devote oneselft to some earthly good (money, influence, success, beauty, youth, and so on)
what does the commandment forbid us to do #2 to be superstitious, which means to adhere to esoteric,magic, or occult or New Age practices or to get involved with fortune telling or spiritualism instead of believing in God's power, providence and blessings
what does the commandment forbid us to do #3 to provoke God by word or deed
what does the commandment forbid us to do #4 to commit a sacrilege
what is a sacrilege the theft, profanation, or desecration of something scared
what is proselytism the exploitation of the pysical poverty of others to draw them over to one's own faith
what does the commandment forbid us to do #5 to aquire spiritual power through corruption and to desecrate what is holy though trafficking
what is esotericism since the nineteenth century a coomon collective term for spiritual teachings and practices in which man is led to supposedly "true knowledge" which is aready in him on the other hand, a revelation in which god manifests himself to man is foreign to them
is estoericism as found, for example in new age beliefs, compatible with the Christian faith no. it ignores the reality of god. ogd is a personal being; he is love and the orgin of life, not some cold cosmic energy.
is man devine man was willed and created by god, but man himself is not devine,
if man is not devine, what is he a creature tat is wounded by sin, threatened by death, and in need of redemption.
most proponenets of esoricism assume that man can redeem himself, what do christians believe that only jesus christ and God's grace can reddem tem. nor are nature and the cosmos god. rather, the creator, even though he loves us immensely, is infinitely geater and unlike anything he has created
is atheism always a sin against the First Commandment it is not a sin if a person has learned nothing about god or has examined the question about God's existence conscientiously and connot believe
why does the old testament forbid images of God, and why do we christians no longer keep that commandment to protect the mystery of god and to set the people of isreal apart frm the idolatrous practice of the pagans,in the First Commandment, "you shall not make yourself a graven image' but god himself acquired a human face in jesus christ + it was repealed
what is pantheism the world view tht nothing exists except god, accordingly eveything that exists is god, and god is everything that exists. thisi doctrine is incompatible with the christian faith.
occultism a collective term for teachings and practices through wich man supposedly acquires power over his destiny, matter, and surroundings. examples of occult practices are ouija boards, astrology and clairvoyance
atheism the view that god doesnt exist
what does hallow mean keep holy
why does god want us to "hallow" his name since god has told us his name, he makes imself recongnizable and grants us access to him through his name. god is absolute truth. someone who calls truth himself by his name but uses it to testify ot a lie sins seriously
god is absolute truth
telling someone your name is a sing of whatt trust
what is the meaning of the sign of the cross through the sign of the cross, we place ourselves under the protectionof god
what does it mean for a christian to be baptized wit a particular name the name and the face are ultimately what make a person unique, even in God's sight
why do jews celebrate the sabath the sabath is for the people of isreal the great commemorating god, the creator and redeemer
how does jesus deal wtih the sabath jesus observes the sabath but at the same tim he deals with it very liberallly, as one who has the complete command over it: the sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabath
why do christians replace the Sabbath with sunday? because jesus christ rose from the dead on a sunday. the "lord's day" however, does include elements of the sabbath
how do christians make sunday the "lord's day" by attending mass on sunday or the vigil of sunday. on that day he refrains from all the work that would prevent him from worshipping god or disrupt he festive, joyful, restful, and resorative character of the day
why is it important for the state to preserve sunday it is a genuine servicce to the good of society , because it is a sign of oppposition to the total absorption of man by the working world
to whom does the commandment refer, what does it require of us it refers in the first place to one's physical parents, but also to the people whom we owe our life, our well-being, our society and our faith
what place does the family have in god's plan of creation a man and women married to ech other together form a child, a family. god wills that the love of the spouses, if possible, should produce children. the children, who are entrusted to the proetection and care of their parents, have the dame dignity as them
why are families irreplacable every child is descended fro one father and one mother and longs for the warmth and safety of a family so that he may grow uup secure and happy
why should the state protect and promote families the welfare and future of a state depends on the ability of the smallest unit within, the family, to live and develope.
how do children respect their parents a child respects and honors their parents by showing them love and gratitude
how do parents respect their children god entruste dchildren to parents so that they might be steady, righteous examples for those children, that they might love and respect them and do eerything possible so that their children can develpe physically and spiritually
how should a family live its faith together a christian family should be a miniature church. all christian family members are invited to strengthen one another in faith and to outdo one another in their zeal for god. tey should pray for and with each other and caollaborate in the works of charity
why is god more important than the family without relationship a person cannot live. Man's most important relationship is the one he has with god. this has priority over all human relationships
how is authority exercised correctly authority is exercised properly when it is understood acording to juesus' example as service. it must never be arbitrary
what duties do citizens have toward the state every citizen has the duty to cooperate loyally with the civil authorities and to contribute to the common good in truth, justice, freedom, and authority
when must we refuse to tobey the state no one may follow orders form the state that violate god's law
wy is it no permissble to take one's own life or the lives of others fod alone is lord over life and death. except in the case of legitimate self-defense of oneself or another, on one may kill another human being
what sorts of attacks on human are forbidden by the fifth commandment murder and acting as an acomplice to murder, killing unarmed civillians during a war, the abortion of a human being, from the moment of conception on, suicide, self mutilation, and self destructive behavior, and euthanasia
what is enthanasia the killing of the handicappped, the sick and dying
why is it permissible to tolerate the killling of another human being in the case of legitimate self-defense someone who is actually attacking thelives of others may and must be stopped, if necesary by killing the attacker himself
why is the church opposed to captial punishment the church is commmitted to opposing the death penalty because it is "both cruel and unnecessary"
is it permissible to offer assistance in dying to bring about death directly is always against the commandment "you shall not kill". in contrast, to stand by and assist a dying person is humane and even obligatory.
why is abortion unacceptable at any phase in developement of an embryo god-given human life is god's own property, it is sacred from the first moment of its existence and not under the control of any human being. "before i fromed you in the womb in knew you, and before you were born i consecrated you"
can a handicapped child be aborted no. aborting a handicapped child is always a serious crime, even if it is done with the intention of sparing that person suffering later on
can experiments be performed on livng embryos and embryonic stem cells no. embryos are human beings, because human life begins with the fusion of a sperm cell and an egg
why eos the fifth commandment protect physical and spiritual integrity of a human being as well the right tolife and human dignity form a unity; they are inseperably connected to each other. it is possible to put a person to edeath spiritually also
how should we treat our body the fifth commandment forbids also the use of violence against one's own body. jesus expressly demands that we accept and love ourselves "you shall love your neighbor as yourself"
how important is health health is an important value, but not an absolute one. we should treat our God-given bod gratefull and carefully, but not be obssessed with it
why is it a sin to take drugs using drugs is a sing because it is an act of self-destruction and thus an offense against the lie that god has given us out of love
is it permissible to experiment on a live human peing scientific, phsycological, or medical experiments on a live human subject allowed only when results can be expected r important for human well-being and connot be obtained elsewhere. though, it must take place with the free and informed consent ofsubject
is oran donation important donating organs can lengthen life or imporve the quality of life, and therefor it is a genuine servie to one's neighbor, provided, no one is forced to do it
what sorts of acts violate the human right to bodily integretiy this right is violated by the use of violence, kidnapping and hostage taking, terrorism, torture, rape, and forced sterilization as well as by amputation and mutilation
how do christians assist someone who is dying christians do ot leave a dying person alone, they help him so that he can die in faith-filled trust, in that the sacraments are administered to him at the right time
how do christians treat the corpse of someone who has died respectfully and lovingly, realizing that god has called him to the resurrection of the dead
what is peace it it sthe consequence of justice and the sign of love put into action. where there is peace, "every creature can come to rest in good order" (thomas aquanas) earthly peace is the image of the peace of christ, who reconciled heaven and earth
how does a christian deal with anger paul sayas, "be angry but do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger"
what does jesus think about nonviolence jesus places high value on onviolent action. he commands his disciples; "do not resist one who is evil. but if any one strikes you on the right cheek turn to him the other also
must christians be pacifists the church strives for peace but does not preach radical pacifism. indeed, no one can deny either the individual citizen or particular governments and allliances the fundamental right of armed self-defense. war is morally justifiable only as a last resort
when is the military force allowed the use of military force is possibel only in an extreme emergency.
what is the criteria for a "just war" (1-6) 1)authorization y the competent authority 2)a just cause 3)a just purpose 4)war must be a last resort 5)the methods used must be proportionate 6)there must be a prospect of success
what does it mean to say that man is a sexual being god created man as male and female. he creted them for each other and for love. he created them with erotic desires and the ability to experience physcial pleasure. he ceated them to transmit life.
is there priority of one sex over the other no. dod endowed men and women with identical dignity as persons
what is love love is the free self-giving of the heart
how is sexuality related to love sexuality must not be seperated from love; they must go together. the sexual encounter requires the framework of a true, dependable love.
what is chastity the virtue by which a person who is capbale of passion deliberately and resolutely reserves his erotic desires for love and resists the temptaton to find lewd images in the media or use others as a means of acheiveing his own satisfaction
what is chaste love? chaste love is love that defends itself against the internal and external forces that might destroy it. that person is chaste who has consciously accepted his sexuality and integrated it into his personality.
why should a christian live a chaste life chastity and continence are not the same thing. someone who has an active sex life n marriage must be chaste too. a person acts chastely when his bodily activity is the expression of dependable, faithful love
what is continence he exercise of self constraint in sexual matters.
how can anyone live a chaste life when he is free to be loving and not the slave of his drives and emotions.
what can help someone live a chaste life anything, therefore, that helps one to become mature, freer, and more loving person and to form better relationships that helps that person to love chastely
does everybody have to be chaste, even marrried people yes, every christian should be chaste, whether he is young or old, lives alone or is married.
why is the church against premarital sexual relations. because she would like to protect love. a person can give someone else no greater gift then himself. and because of what i love you really means, it is so, we cannot, even with our bodies, really say " i llove you" temporarily or on a trial basis
what does i love you mean "i love you" means for both"i want only you, i want all that you are, andi want to ive myself to you forever"
how can you live as a young christian if you are living a premarital relationship or have already had premarital relations god loves us at every moment and in every complicated situation, even in a state of sin. god helps us to seeek the whole truth about love and to find was to live it more ane more unambiguously and decisively
is masturbatin an offense against love masturbation is an offense against love, because it makes excitement of sexual pleasure an end in itself and uncouples it form the holistic unfolding of love between men and woman. that is why "sex with yourself" is contradiction in terms
what is it meant for "fornication" fornication orignaly meant pagan sexual practice, for instance, temple prostite. the term was then aplied to all forms of sexual activity outside of marige. today in english it generaly refers to consensual sexual relations between an unmarriedman & woman
why is prostituion a form of fornication in prostituion "love" becomes a commodity and the person is degraded to an object of pleasure. that is why prostituion is a serious offense agianst human dignity and a serious sin agianst charity
why is the production and consumption of pornography a sign against charity someone who misuse love by detaching human sexualty from the intimacy of a comited, loving realtionsip betwen two spouse and turns it to comercial good sin seriously. anyone who produce, buy, consume ponographic material violates human dignity
why si rape a serious sin womeon who rapes another person thoroughly and completely debases that person. he violently breakes into the deepest intimacy of another and wounds the victim at the core of his ability to love
what does the church say about using condoms the chruch rejects their use as a one-sided , mechanical method of fighting aids epidemcids and advocates above all a new culture of human relationships and a change in social consciousness
what is the church's judgement on homosexuality god created man as male and femal and destined them for each other in bodily way as well. the church accepts without reservation those who the experience of homosecual feelings. they should not be unjustly desctiminated agaisnt because of that
what does the church declare about homosexuality that all homosexual relations in any form are contrary to order creation
what are the essential elements of christian marriage (1-3) 1)unity:marriage is a covenant that is by its very nature brings about bodily, intelllectual and spiritual uniont between man and women 2)indisolubility:marriage lasts"unitl death do us part" 3opennesss to offspring: every marriage must be open to a chi
what are the essential elements of christian marriage (4) 4)commitment to the spouses welfare
what significane does the sexual encounter have with marriage accouding to god's will, husband and wife should encounter each other in bodily union so as tobe united ever more deeply wiht one another in love and allow children to proceed from their love
what is what is the significance of the child in a marriage a child is a creature and a gift of god, which comes to earth through the love of his parents
how many children should a christian married couple have a christian marrie couple has as many children as god gives them and as they can take responsibility for
may christian married couple regulate the number fo children they have. yes, a chistian married couple may and should be responsible in using the gift and privilage of transmitting life
why are methods of prventing the conception of a child not equally good church recomends the fined method ofself obsdervation (nfp) a method of delbirate regualting conception. these are keeping dignity of man &woman; they respect the innate laws of the femal body; demand mutual affection and consdiration=are a school of love
what does nfp mean natural family planning
what can a childless couple do married couple who suffer from infertility can accept any medical assistance that does not contradict the dignity of the human person, the fights of the child to be concieved, and the holiness of the sacrament of matrimony
what is natual family planning a general term for methods of regulating conception that use the signs of the womans fertility cycle and the knowlege about the fertility of the man and woman together so as to achievve or avoid pregnancy
what is the church's judgement on surrogate of motherhood and articicial feritilization all assistance in conceiving a child though reserach and medicine must stip when the common bond of patenthood is loosened and destroyed by the intrusion of a third perosn or when conception becomes a technilogical act outside of sexual union in marriage
what is adultrey it is commited when two people, at least of of whom is married to someone else, have sexual relations. adultery is the fundamental betrayel of love, the violation of a covenant that was made in god's sight and an injustice to one's neighbor
is divorce the apporpriate response to adultry jesus himself declare the indissolubility of marrriage: what therefore God has joined together let not man put asunder" citing the original will of the creator, jesus abolished the toleration of divorce in the old covenant
what does the church have against "marriage without certificate" for catholics there is no marriage without a church wedding. in that ceremony christ enters into a covenant with the husband and wife and generously endows the couple with graces and gifts
what is regulated by the seventh commandment "you shall not steal" only forbids taking something away from another person, it also requires the just management and distribution fo the earth's goods; it regulates the question of private property and work. the unjust distribution of raw materials is also indicated in this
why is their no absoulte right to private property there is no absolute right but only a relative right ro private property because god created the earth and its goods for all mankind
what is theft, and what falls under the seventh commandment theft is the unlawful apporopriation fo goods belong to another, stealing, unfair withholding of wage, the keeping of found items that one could give back, and defruading in general
what rules apply to intellectual property the misapporopriation of intellectual propery is theft also
what is it meant by commutative justice commutative justcie regulates exchaned bewtween persons in accordance with a strict respect for their rights.
what does commutative justice make sure of that propery rights are safeguarded, depts repaid, and freely contrcacted obligations are fulfilled, htat reperation is made for injustice or damage, and that stolen goods are returned
is it permissible to use tax dodges intentiveness is dealing with complex systems of taxation is morally unobjectionable. it is imooral to evade taxes ot to commit tax fraud, in toher words to falsify, fail to report or conceal facts a to prevent a correct assessment of taxes due
may a christan speculate in the stock market or in internet stocks a christian can speculate in the stock market or in internet stocks as long as he does withing the parameters of normal usiness practices for prudently investing one's own or someone else's money and eos not herby break any other commandments
how should we treat property that belongs to everyone vandalism and delibrately damaging public facilities and common property are forms of theft and restitution must be made
what is restitution The restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper owner. Recompense for injury or loss.
may a christian make bets and play games of chance betting and gambling are immoral and dangerous when the gambler rishkes his livelihood. it becomes even worse if he risks the livelihood of other people, especially fo those who are entrusted to his care
is it permissable to "buy" and "sell" human beings no human being, not even parts of a human being, may be turned into commodities, nor may a person make himself a commodity. man belongs to god and has endowed by him freedom and dignity. buying and selling people, is a profoundly reprehensible act
how should we treat the enviornment we fulfill god's commisiion with regard to creation when we care for the earth, with its biologival laws, its variety of species, its natural beauty, and its dwindling resources, as a living space and preserve it, so that generations can live well onearth
how should we treat animals animals are our fellow creatures, which we should care for and in which we should delight, just as god delights in their existence
why does the catholic church have her own social teachings because all men, as children of go,d possess a unique dignity, the church with her social teachings is committed to defending and promoting hthis hman dignity for all men in the social sphere.
is the church trying to preempt the legitimate freedom of politics or of the economy no, the church is not trying to preempt the legitimate freedom of politics or of the economy.when human dignity is violated in politics or economic practices, however, the church must intervene
how did the church's social doctrine develope page 236 question 439
are christians obliged to become involved in politics and society it is a special duty of the christian laity people to become involved in politics, society and commerce in te spirit of the gospel: in charity, truth, and justice. catholic social teaching offers them clear guidance in this endeavor
what does the church say about democracy the church supports it, because of all political systems it offers the est conditions for achieving equality before the law and safeguarding human rights
how does deomocracy safeguard human rights it must be more than mere marjority rule. true demococracy is possible only ina state ruled by law that recongnizes the fundamental god gien rights of all and defends them, if necessary, even against the will of the majority
what is the church's stance on captialism or the free-market economy any form of capitalism that is not embedded in an established system of law runs the risk of detaching itself from the common good and becoming a mere means for individuals to make profits. the church rejects it decisively
what kind of free-market system does the church support she supports a free-market system which is at the service of man, prevents monopolies and ensures that all are supplied with employment and vitally necessary goods
what is the duty of managers and entrepreneurs they have a social responisbility to take into account the just concerns of their employees, suppliers, and customers, as well as of society as a whole, and also of the enviornment
what does the church's social doctrine say about the topics of labor and unemployment to work is a duty that god gave us. in a common effort we are supposed to look after and continue his work of creation. for most people, work is the foundation of life. unemployment is a serious misfortuned that must be dealt with resolutely
whay is it meant by the principle "labor before capital" man owns moeny or capital as a thing. labor in contrast, is inseperable from the person who performs it. that is why the basic needs of laborers hae priority over he interest of capital
what does the church say about globalization it is neither good nor bad; it is, rather, the description of equality that must be shaped
is globalization exclusively a matter of politics and economics there used to be an idea of a divison of labor; economics should concern about increasing wealth, and plolitics concernabout distributing it justly however, profits are obtained globally while politics to great extent still limt within national boundaries
what is nneded today besides the strnethening of translational political instituions intiatives of individuals & social groups that are active economicaally in the poor regions of the wold, not primarily for the sake of profit, but our of a spirit of solidarity and love. the market & the sate are necessary, but so is a stron civil society
are the poverty and underdevelopement an inescapable fate god has entrusted to us reich earth that could offer all men sufficient good and living space. yet there are whole region, countries & continents in which many people have scarcely the bare necesseties for living.
what do rich countries have the obligation to do moral oligation to help the underdeveloped nations out of poerty throuh developemental aid and the establishment of just economic and commercial conditions
there are complex historical cuases for the poor divisions of the wold, it is irreformable no
what does irreformable mean Unable to be revised or altered.
what sign of significane do the poor have for christians love for the poor ust be in every age of distinguishng marks of christians. the poor deserve not just a few alms; they have a calim to justice. for christians there is a special obligation to share their goods. our example in love for the poor is christ
what are the "corpal works of mercy" to feed the hungry, give drink ot the thristy, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and imprisoned, and bury the dead
what are the spiritual works of mercy to insturct the ignorant, to counsel the doubtful, comfort the sorrowful, admonish the sinner, bear wrongs patiently, fogive all injuries, and pray for the living and the dead
what does the eighth commandment require of us it teaches us not to lie. lying means consiously and intentionally speaking or acting against the truth. someone who lies decieves himself and misleads others who have a right to know the full truth of the matter
what does our relationship to the truth have to do with god living in respect of the truth eans not only being true to oneself. more precisely being truthful, being true to god, for he is the source of all truth.we gind the ruth about od and about all of reality quite directely in jesus
how stongly obligatory is the truth of faith every christian must give testimony to the truth and therby follow after christ
christ before pilate said "for this i was born ________________" and for this i have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth"
what does it mean to be truthful truthfullness means that one acts sincerely and speaks honestly. the truthful individual gaurds agaisnt double-dealing, misrepresentaion, malicious deception and hypocrisy. the worst form of untruthfullness is perjury
perjury reaffirming a false statement, wherey god is intentionally called to witness an untruth. it is a serious sin
wat should you do if you have lied to, decieved or betrayed somone every offense agaisnt truth and injustice, even if it has been forgivem, demands reperation
what is reperation The making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronge
why does telling the truth require discretion communicating truth must be done prudently within the context of charity. often the turht is wielded as a weapon and thus destructive rather than a constructive effect
how condiential is the secret o the confesssional the secret of connfessional is sacredd. it cannot be violated for any other reason, however weighty
descretition the ability to determine what one can say to whome and when
what ethical responsibilities are connected with communications media media producers haresponsiblity toward media consumers. above all they must truthfully inform. in bothe the gathering and the publication of real news , the rights and dignity of individuals must be observed
what dangers result form the media many people, especially children, think that whatever they see in the media is real. if the name of an entertainment violance is glorified, anti social behabior is aproved of and human sexuality is trivialized
bad media is both a sin of what people those who are responsible and also of thsoe supervisory authorities that out o put a stop to it
how does art mediate between beauty and truth the true and beautiful belong together, for god is the source of beauty and also the source of truth. art, which is dedicated to the beautiful, is therefor a special path ot the whole and to god
why doe the ninth commandment forbid sexual desires nor derires per se, but rather disordered desires. the covetousness is against which sacred scritures warns is the rule of impulses over mind, the domination of urges over the whole perons and the sinfulness that that causes
how does one achieve "purity of heart" how purity of heart required for love is achieved in the first place through union with god in prayer. when god's grace touches us, this also produces a path ro pure, undivided human love. a chaste perosn can love with a sincere and undivided heart
what good is shame shame safegaurds a person's intimate space: his mystery his most personal and inmost being, his dignitym but especially his capacity for love and sexual self-giving. it relates also to that whih only love may see
whay attitude should a christian take towards other people's property a christian must learn to distiguish reasonable desrires from those that are unreasonable and unjust and aquire an interior attitude of respect for other people's property
what is envy is it sadness and annoyance at the sight of another's well-being and the desire to acquire unjustly what others have. anyone who wishes another ill commits a serious crime
how can we fight against envy when we try to rejoice more an more in the accomplishments and gifts of others, when we believe in God's benevolent providence for ourselves as well, and when we set our hearts on true wealthq
what does true wealth consist of the fact taht we already participate in god's life through the holy spirit
why does jesus demand that we practice poverty in spirit though he was rich, yet for your sake he becomes poor, so that by his poverty you might become rich
what should a person yearn for most the ultimate and greatest longing for a person can only be god. to see him, our creator, lord and redeemer, is unending blessedness
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