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Note Cards for 7th Grade Pre-Algebra Midterms and Finals

Identify as a Numerical or Variable expression: 5-5 Numerical Expression Section 1-1 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Simplify: 4+15÷3 4+15÷3 *First Divide. 4+15 *Then add. 9 Section 1-2 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Evaluate: 4y-15 for y=9 Numerical Expression Section 1-1 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
If the temperature in a thermometer is 4 degrees Celcius below zero, what is the temperature? Numerical Expression Section 1-1 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Simplify: 4+15÷3 4+15÷3 *First Divide. 4+15 *Then add. 9 Section 1-2 Rebecca Oliver,Pd. #10
Find the difference: -6-(-2) -4 Section 1-6 Rebecca Oliver,Pd. #10
Simplify the product: 2(-6) -12 Section 1-9 Rebecca Oliver,Pd. #10
In which quadrant is (-2,1) located? Quadrant II Section 1-10 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Name the Property Shown: 5×7=7×5 Commutative Property of Multiplacation Section 2-1 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Simplify using the Distributive property: 8(15)-8(5) 8(15)-8(5)=8(15-5) *Use the Distributive p. =8(10) *Subtract within () =80 *Multiply. Section 2-2 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Name the coefficients,the like terms, and the constants in 3m-2n+n-4. Coefficents: 3,-2,1 Like Terms: -2n and n Constants: -4 Section 2-3 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
State wheather the equation is true,false,or an open sentence: 6+12=18 true, because 18=18 Section 2-4 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Find out what b equals in: b-12=-49 b-12=-49 b-12+12=-49+12 *Add 12 to each side. b=-37 *Simplify. Section 2-5 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Solve the equation: 4x=84 21 Section 2-6 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Low-sodium food has at most 140 mg of sodium. Write an inequality for this. s≤140 Section 2-8 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Solve: n-15<3 n-15<3 n-15+15<3+15 *Add 15 to each side. n<18 *Simplify. Section 2-9 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Solve: 4x>40 x>10 Section 2-10 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Round to the nearest tenth: 4.2683 4.3 Section 3-1 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Estimate each product: 4.72×1.8 about 10 Section 3-2 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Find the mean,median,mode, and range: 2.3, 4.3, 3.2, 2.9, 2.7, 2.3 Mean:2.95 Median:2.8 Mode:2.3 Range:2 Section 3-3 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Use the formula d=rt. Find what r equals in: d=237 mi,t=9.75 h r=28 mi/h Section 3-4 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Solve the equation: x+4.9=18.8 x=13.9 Section 3-5 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Solve the equation: 0.8x=-1.6 x=-2 Section 3-6 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Choose the appropriate metric unit: mass of a horse kilograms Section 3-7 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Is 64 divisible by 9? Explain. No; the sum of the digits,10, is not divisible by 9. Section 4-1 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Write using exponents: 6×6×6×6 6⁴ Section 4-2 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
State wheather the number is prime of composite. Explain. 23 Prime; It has only two factors, 1 and 23. Section 4-3 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Write the fraction in simpliest form: 6/8 3/4 Section 4-4 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Write three fractions equivalent to the fraction: 1/3 2/6, -2/-6, -1/-3 Section 4-6 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Simplify: m⁵×m⁴ m⁹ Section 4-7 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Simplify the expression: 5x⁰ 5 Section 4-8 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Write in Scientific Natation: 0.00021 2.1×10‐⁴ Section 4-9 Rebecca Oliver,Pd.#10
Created by: sgtpepper7