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jprunchak vocab

midterm vocabulary

heritage property handed down from their past
parasite a small insect that eats at your flesh
suffrage the right to vote
tranquility free from disturbance
tumult loud confused noise
laconic style of speech or writing
vacillate waver between opinion and action
spectrum a band of colors like seen in a rainbow
guru a spiritual teacher
decorum behavior in keeping a good taste in priority
jovial cheerful and friendly
formidable inspiring fear or respect
despondent low spirits from the loss of hope
deductions the action of taking something away
quota a limited number of things
cowered crouch down in fear
outrageous shockingly bad
pulverized reduce to fine particles
mutation the actions of changing
commemoration a funeral
all together all at ounce
altogether in swan
all ready prepared
already previously
always forever
all ways every single time
Created by: prunchak17