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Science C1 Topic 3

GCSE edexcel core science chemistry: acids

Why does the stomach produce hydrochloric acid? 1) To help digestion 2) To kill bacteria that may be on the food
What is indigestion? When too much hydrochloric acid is produced by the stomach
What is heartburn? When some of the excess acid produced by the stomach escapes out of the top of the stomach
What are antacids? Indigestion remedies containing bases that neutralise the excess acid
What is the difference between a base and an alkali? A base is a substance that reacts with acids- an alkali is a water soluble base
Metal oxide + acid -> ? Salt + water (neutralisation reaction)
Metal hydroxide + acid -> ? Salt + water (neutralisation reaction)
Metal carbonate + acid -> ? Carbon dioxide + salt + water (neutralisation reaction)
Hydrochloric acid produces _____ salts Chloride
Nitric acid produces _____ salts Nitrate
Sulphuric acid produces _____ salts Sulphate
What bases are usually found in antacids? Calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide
What is electrolysis? The process where a ionic compound is decomposed by electricity from a d.c. supply
What does the electroylsis of sea water produce? Annode: chlorine gas Cathode: hydrogen gas
What does the electroylsis of hydrochloric acid produce? Annode: chlorine gas Cathode: hydrogen gas
What does the electroylsis of water produce? Annode: oxygen gas Cathode: hydrogen gas (in the ratio of 1:2)
What is an electrolyte? A compound that can be decomposed by electrolysis
What is the test for chlorine? When clorine gas is put on a piece of damp blue litmus paper, the paper will turn red because it is an acid, then will turn white as the chloring bleaches it.
What is the test for hydrogen? If hydrogen is present in a test tube, a lit splint will explode when it is placed at the mouth of the test tube with a small, sqeaky pop
What is the test for oxygen? If oxygen is present in a test tube, a glowing splint will relight when put in the tube
What is a use of hydrogen gas? It is used as rocket fuel
What are some uses of chlorine? * It treats our water supply, killing micro-organisms * It kills bacteria in swimming pools * It is used in the manufacture of plastics like PVC [polychloroethene] * it is used in the manufacture of cleaning products like bleach
What are some risks with chlorine? So much chlorine is produced from electrolysis that if a factory was to leak, meany people could be killed or badly injured
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