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Prefixes & Suffixes

Determine word meaning with prefixes and suffixes

unhappily sad; miserable; wretched
disobedient refusing to obey
universally everywhere or in every case
reaction action in response to some event
understatement saying something in controlled terms, or as less than it is;
misdialed to dial a wrong number on a telephone
sportsmanship a person who shows good conduct in a sport - fairness, generosity, observance of the rules, and good humor when losing
prerecorded made in advance (on tape, video, etc.)
undefined not made clear; not given a meaning
inflammable capable of being set on fire
incorrectly false; wrong; something not done right
multicultural representing several different cultures
watchfully closely observed; alert
questionable doubting; not being certain
disagreeable not to one's liking; unpleasant
declaration something that is announced
repayment to pay back or refund, as money
displacement removal from the normal location or position
incredibly hard to believe
outlandish freakishly strange or odd
unbreakable not able to be broken
retirement removal or withdrawal from service, office, or business
gleefully full of glee
midshipman a student, as at the U.S. Naval Academy, in training for commission as ensign in the Navy or second lieutenant in the Marine Corps
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