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Americicium Symbol:Am Atomic#:95 A radioactive material that is used in smoke detectors, it was found in 1945 and was named after america
Copper symbol:Cu Atomic#:29 A reddish brown metal that conducts heat and electricity well
Europium symbol:Eu Atomic#:63 A metal that was discovered in Europe and that oxidizes instantly in air
Germanium symbol:Ge Atomic#:32 A good refractor; used in glasses/lenses,and comes from Germany
Iridium symbol:Ir Atomic#:77 A rainbow colored metal that is found in mining
Lawrencium symbol:Lr Atomic#:103 It has no uses, named after scientist, Ernest Lawrence, and was created by 4 American scientists in 1961
Molybdenum symbol:Mo Atomic#:42 Discoverd in Sweden; hard/tough,and used to strengthen steel
Oxygen symbol:O Atomic#:8 A colorless gas found in the air
Platinum symbol:Pt Atomic#:78 A very valuable silver-white metal that is often used in jewelry
Created by: Awesomenat