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Survey Quiz 2

According to Best Value Supply Chain Article ___________ of 4 competitive priorities in best value supply chains refers to the relative reliability of supply chain activities Quality
a best value supply chain develops systems that effectively manage four tpyes of functionality: transaction systems, management control decision analysis and strategic planning which focus on effective performance measurement and reporting? Management Control
According to the article, best value supply chains provide superior outcomes in terms of Overall customer satisfaction
according to the article, specific features of a best value supply chain include: ALL of the ABOVE
ATTA, supply chains that practice early supplier involvement achieve an average of x% reduction in material costs, x% improvement in quality and x% reduction in development time. What is x? 20%
In Cap, if your company is creating a product for a customer who wants an impressive and proben technology, what is your company's ideal position on the perceptual map? D
Which of the following is not one of the decision tabs in capsim? Macro-environment
According to the Analysis of financial statements article, form ______ is an annual doc filed with the SEC by companies that sell securities to public and contains much of the same info as the annual report inssued to shareholders 10k
ATTA, all of the following ratios mesures short term liquidity except: Inventory Turnover
ATTA, a higher times interest earned ratio maybe misleading since: THe firm would be generating high profits but no cash flow from operations
ATTA, the following rations is a measure of short term liquidity Quick Ratio
ATTA, tech firms may have P/E rations than traditional bricks and mortar companies in establish industries. This is bc, tech firms: None of the above.
In capsim, what is the complement in the human resources module? The number of works in the work force
From the capsim guide, manufacturing too few units of a particular product during a given year will result in some unwanted outcomes. which is not one of these results? Inventory Carrying costs for this product
According to the porters article for which of the following businesses are the barriers to entry caused by capital requirements the least? Tax Preparation services
ATTA what type of cost is incurred when industry participants change suppliers? Switching
ATTA which of the following can be described as a complementary product to a DVD player? DVD videos tv surround sound speakers, all of the above
ATTA, with the advent of the internet and digital distribution of music some analysts predicted the birth of thousands of music labels. Yet the number of major record companies has droppped from 6-4. what did analysts fail to account for? They underestimated the ability of a company like apple to control musis distribution/ they failed to recognize the power of record labels/ assumed the issue of physical distribution was crucial
ATTA, what is a key reason that eliminating rivals is a risky strategy? Using this strategy will likely attract new competitors cause a backlash of suppliers and customers
Created by: aklein011
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