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An indication that light is a wave is that it has dark bands in the diffraction pattern
The colors of an oil slick indicate that light is a wave
The index of refraction measures the speed of light
light waves are transverse
the resolution of a human eye is about 1/60 degree
Which of the following has the lowest index of refraction air
as the wavelength of light decreases, the frequency increases
In one millionth of a second, light will travel about 1,000 feet
A piece of glass is shaped like a pyramid. The side of the pyramid is tilted at 45 degrees with respect to the horizontal. A beam of light is inside the glass, moving horizontally. When it emerges from the tilted surface of the glass, it will be moving in a directions that is tilted downward (so it will eventually hit the ground)
A stop sign is bright when you shine the headlamps of your car on it. It most likely is covered with small glass spheres
Diamonds sparkle in many colors because light velocity depends on color
which of the following are retroreflectors bicycle reflectors, human eyes, stop signs, animal eyes
Two soap bubbles from the same soap appear different colors. They probably have different thickness
If c is the speed of light in vacuum, then the speed of light in glass is approximately 2/3 c
Stealth bombers are undetected by radar, in part because of the absence of corner reflectors
rainbows show different colors because in water, different frequencies have different velocities
Which of the following is polarized blue sky light
A fiber can send much more information per second than a wire because light has a very high frequency
Which color of light would give the highest number of bits per second in fiber optics blue
Shannon is famous for having invented or discovered the bit
The human eye has cones that detect green,blue,red
People squint to see better because squinting reduces the blur size
Old people need reading glasses because their lenses become less flexible
red-eye in photographs comes from light of the flash reflecting off the retina (the black of the eye)
red-eye demonstrates that the eye is a retroreflector
your eye has two lenses- the lens and the cornea
Light is polarized when it bounces off water,glass,air
Sunglasses can help you see a fish underwater because reflected light is polarized
Polaroids are used for 3-D movies because they give a different image to each eye
Stress in plastic can be detected by looking at polarized light (crossed polaroids)
In the pinhole camera, more blurring occurs if the hole is either very large or very small
Holograms depend on the fact that light is a wave
A successful fisherman will throw the spear below the fish image
To make a spy satellite that can read a license plate, you would have to use a larger mirror
The wavelength of visible light is closet to the diameter of a red blood cell
The Keck telescope is "powerful" because it has a bigger mirror to collect light
When we say a man is color blind, we usually mean that he cant distinguish red from green
the keck uses what to focus light a mirror
Light in a vacuum goes 1 foot every nanosecond. In water,in one nanosecond it will go about .66 foot
Present-day 3-D movies make use of which technology polarizers
A computer screen does not have spots that are colored white
For a good telescope (like Hubble) in geosynchronous orbit (HEO), a typical resolution (for objects on the surface) is about 20 feet
A major use of fiber optics is for communication
Which of the following has the highest frequency gamma rays
Which of the following has the lowest frequency am radio
If you double the absolute temperature of an object, the wavelength of the emitted light gets shorter by a factor of 2
Which kind of light has the longest wavelength infared light
invisible light includes x-rays, uv, and ir
As an object gets hotter and hotter, the color of its glow will change from red, to yellow, to white, to blue
Radio waves and x-rays have the same speed
If you double the absolute temperature, the total radiation increases by 16
Most of the energy of an ordinary tungsten-filament lightbulb is emitted in the color infrared
Heat radiation is also called IR
A tungsten lightbulb has 100 watts printed on it. About much power is actually emitted as visible light 16 watts
Which color star would be the hottest blue
Sunlight is brightest in which color green
Which of the following exposes a person to the kind of radiation that can cause cancer? computer-aided tomography CAT scans
Because of their warmth, humans emit primarily infrared radiation
If you sleep under a tree, you won't get wet from morning dew. That's because the tree emits infrared radiation
Dew forms when the ground cools by emitting IR
A "heat-seeking" missile actually aims itself toward infrared light
The ozone layer is created by and absorbs (choose all that are correct) ultraviolet radiation
Ozone depletion is caused by CFCs
A few years ago, a certain kind of spray can was banned. These were the cans that used chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
Multisprectral refers to the many colors in visible light
The name NMR has been changed to MRI
Which of the following about the ozone layer is not true Ozone is the most important greenhouse gas
The clouds in thunderstorms rise until they reach the ozone layer
The original name for the microwave oven was radar range
Microwaves use radiation with a wavelength same as radar
The microwaves in a microwave oven mostly heat water
MRI maps the distribution of which element to produce an image hydrogen
UV light (choose all the correct answers) Is responsible for sunburns and windburns, is used to kill bacteria in the water of remote villages in india, and is also called black light
Which of the following is best for seeing the calcium in bones x-ray
A black light is designed to emit UV
A positron is an antielectron
Sunburn is usually caused by UV radiation
Which of the following uses antimatter PET scan
To image the hydrogen in the body, use MRI
Which is the cause for "windburn" solar UV
Remote control of a TV is usually done using IR
Pit vipers and mosquitoes can sense IR radiation
Infrared radiation can (choose all that apply) help snakes locate prey
Cancer is most likely to be caused by ultraviolet radiation
The advertising slogan "whiter than white" means that the material emits visible light
To make clothes appear extra clean, manufacturers apply fluorescent dyes
Which of the following is a typical energy for an x-ray 50,000 ev
In total darkness, you can see people if you have a camera that is sensitive to infrared radiation
Cell phones emit microwaves
each of these make use of infrared radiation except measurement of wave velocities in the ocean
Bats navigate in cave by using ultrasound
The phosphor of a fluorescent lightbulb turns which if these into visible light ultravoilet light
"Cool roofs" must reflect infrared
The best kind of radiation to purify water is UV
Which of the following are electromagnetic waves (choose all that are appropriate) Radar, visible light, UV, x-rays
To image hydrogen in the brain, the best technique is MRI
Which of the following is an advanced method that uses x-rays CAT
Higher carbon dioxide levels than we have now were last seen about 2 million years ago
The country that produces the most carbon dioxide each year is China
The country that produces the most carbon dioxide per person every year is Saudi Arabia
The greenhouse effect currently warms the Earth by approximately 35 degrees f
Which fossil produces the most CO (subscript 2),per pound, when burned coal
Converting coal to oil is achieved with Fisher-Tropsch
Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased over the past 100 years by 36 percent
Ice in Antarctica is increasing, contradicting global warming predictions
A treaty that was signed by the United States but not ratified by the Senate is Kyoto
According to the text, windpower is rapidly growing,with wind turbines delivering twice the power they did four years ago
Clean Coal refers to coal used at a power plant with carbon capture and storage (CCS)
In France, nuclear power produces what percentage of the electricity 80 percent
In the United States, nuclear power produces what percentage of the electricity 20 percent
The organization that studies climate change is IPCC
Which of these years had the warmest climate 2005
If the Unites States reduce CO (subscript 2) emissions to those suggested by the Kyoto treaty, and the developing nations continued to increase theirs at the current (allowed) rate, then global warming would be delayed by about 3 years
The greenhouse effect involves atmospheric emission of IR
To be affordable without subsidy or carbon credits, the cost of a billion-watt solar plant must not be much more than $1 billion
The average temperature of the Earth is now about 57 degrees
Which country produces the most greenhouse gas emission per GDP USA
A key feature of the Kyoto treaty is that it set up a method to trade carbon credits
Cooling in the last big ice age, which ended about 12,000 BC, was approximately 11 degrees
Cooling during the Little Ice Age was approximately 2 degrees
Which of the following is not a major greenhouse gas CFCs such as Freon
The least expensive form of carbon abatement is conservation
Thanks to humans, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by about 36 percent
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