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workers comp ch 15

Any abnormal condition or disorder caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with employment including acute or chronic illnesses or disease that may be caused by inhalation, absorption, ingestion, or direct contact is known as occupational illness or disease
The days that must elapse before workers compensation weekly benefits become payable is called waiting period
A special fund that assumes all or part of the liability for benefits provided to a worker because of the combined effect of a work-related impairment and a preexisting condition is known as second-injury fund or subsequent-injury fund
A claim for an on-the-job injury that requires medical care but does not result in loss of working time or income is known as nondisability claim
What benefit includes hospital, medical and surgical services, medications, and prosthetic devices that may be rendered by a medical doc, osteopath, dentist, or chiropractor medical treatment
What benefit is in the form of weekly cash payments made directly to the injured or ill person temporary disability indemnity
What benefit may consist of either weekly or monthly cash payments based on a rating system that determines the percentage of permanent disability that is determened separately by the bureau in San Francisco permanent disability indemnity
What benefit consist of cash payments to dependents of employees who are fatally injured with a burial allowance is given in some states death benefits for survivors
What benefit can be medical or vocational rehabilitation in cases of sever disabilities rehabilitation benefits
When a worker has a work-related injury or illness and is unable to perform the duties of his job for a specific time or range of time temporary disability
In many states a form if retraining, education, job guidance, and placement is reffered to as vocational rehabilitation
An individualized program using simulated or real work task to build up strength and improve the workers endurance toward a full days work is known as work hardening
Science and technology that seek to the anatomic and physical needs of the worker to the workplace is known as ergonomic
C and R compromise and release
An agreement between the injured party and insurance company on a total sum in which the case can be closed is called compromis and release (C and R)
P and S permanent and stationary
Phrase meaning that damage from the injury of illness is permant is known as permant and stationary (P and S)
The final determination of the issues involving settlement of an industrial accident also known as rating os a case is adjudication
A proceeding in which an attorney asks a witness queations about a case, and the witness answers under oath but not in open court is known as deposition
A legal promise to satisfy a debt owed by the patient to the physician out of any proceeds received on the case lien
The legal process by which an insurance company seeks from a third party, who has caused a loss, recovery of the amount paid to the policyholder is known as third-party subrogation
When an employee is injured the employer should submit what kind of form to the insurance company employer's report of occupational injury or illness
When an employee is sent to a physicians office for medical care an employer should complet a form called medical service order
A representative of the insurer who authorizes treatment and investigates, evaluates, and negotiates the patients insurance claim and acts for the company in the settlement of claims is known as claims examiner
A report must be submitted with the claim when the notation BR follows the procedure code description is called by report
WP waiting period
WC workers compensation
FECA federal employees compensation act
SIF subsequent injury act
benefits under the state law that applys to a compensable injury of an employee hired in one state but injured outside that state is known as extraterritorial
ND nondisability claim
TD temporary disability
WCAB workers compensation appeals board
Videotapes made without the knowledge of the subject used to investigate suspicious claims is called sub rosa films
OSHA occupational safety and health administration
What is designed to set fees at a percentile of the providers usual and customary fee percentile of charge schedule
This takes into account the time, skill, and extent of the service provided by the physician which each procedure is rated on how difficult it is, how long it takes, the training a physician must have to perform it, and expenses the physician incurs relative value schedule
When a specific dollar amount is used for each of the sections of the fee schedule is known as conversion factor
AME agreed medical evaluator
IME independent medical evaluator
QME qualified medical evaluator
A person hired by the insuance company or appointed by the referee or appeals board to examine an individual, independent from the attending physician, and renders an unbiased opion about the degree of disability of an injured worker is called medical evaluator
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