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7th Grade BAV terms

These are the 23 basic academic vocabulary words covered in 7th grade science.

A change in velocity over time? Acceleration
Alarge volume of air that has nearly the same temperature and humidity at different locations at the same altitude. Air Mass
Distance from rest to crest or rest to trough. Determines the intensity of a wave. Amplitude
Unit used to measure distances in our solar system. One AU is from the Sun to Earth. (Around 93 million miles) Astronomical Unit
When one object in space casts a shadow on another. Eclipse
Equal amounts of sunlight on both the north and south hemishpere. Equinox
Weather over a long period of time. Climate
All variables that stay the same throughout an experiment. Constant
Transfer of energy through direct contact. Conduction
The transfer of energy from place to place by the motion of heated gases and liquids. Convection
All electromagnetic radiation arranged in order by their wavelengths and frequencies. Electromagnetic Spectrum
The number of waves passing a fixed point over a certain amount of time. Frequency
Used to measure distances outside of our solar system. Light Year
The number of times a machine multiplies your effort force. Mechanical Advantage
Laws that govern motion. Newton's Laws of Motion
Energy that travels across distances as certain types of waves. Radiation
The bending of waves. Refraction
The bouncing of waves. Reflection
Made up of a Sun and its family of orbiting planets, moons, and other objects. Solar System
The amount of sunlight is at a maximum on one hemisphere and a minimum on the other. Solstice
A force intended to cause a change in an object's motion. Unbalanced Force
Speed with a direction characterized by having a vector. Velocity
Distance from crest to crest or trough to trough Wavelength
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