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WH Unit 7 Quiz

1. Which two groups fought in the French Wars of Religion? Catholics and Protestants
2. Who was the leader of the Huguenots? Henry of Navarre
3. Why did Henry IV become Catholic? Was a PROT, but he wouldn’t be accepted, so he lies.
4. Phillip II the king of_________ went to war with _________ from England. Spain lost because most of their ships ____________. Spain, Elizabeth I, wrecked . This is when ENG becomes the most powerful
5. Elizabeth I was what religion? How was she related to Bloody Mary? Protestant, Half-Sister, Henry VIII is dad
1. Name three characteristics of women who were accused of witchcraft. Old, poor, no husbands
2. Which countries were involved in the 30 Years’ War? Everyone but ENG. Prots won.
3. Why was the end of the 30 Years’ was the end of the Holy Roman Empire? Each small country got to choose own religion.
4. Which two groups fought in the English Civil War? Who won? Why did they win? Cavaliers (support king) roundheads (Support parliament) Roundheads win because of Cromwell’s New Model Army. Cromwell killed the parliament and the king and called the new government the Protectorate and he was the protector
5. What happened during the Glorious Revolution? Why was it glorious? William and Mary took over without killing anyone. Glorious = no bloodshed
6. How did the Glorious Revolution bring an end to divine right? Parliament chose the monarchs, not God
1. Why was Louis XIV called the Sun King? He was the only source of light for his country
2. Where was Louis XVI’s palace? Describe it. 10 miles from Paris. Very opulent, rich, could hold 1000 people. Made of gold.
3. Before Louis XIV died, what did he do about the Huguenots? took away their rights
4. Who built the Prussian empire? What modern country would Prussia be in today? Willhelm the Elector, Germany
5. Who was the first Czar of Russia? Ivan IV
6. How long did the Romanov Dynasty last in Russia? 300 years
7. How did Peter the Great make Russia more powerful? Made it like western Europe (France and England)
8. What are three cultural changes in Russia thanks to Peter the Great? More trade, men had to cut beards, ballet
9. Why did Peter the Great move the capitol to St. Petersburg? good port to trade in, also closer to western Europe
Created by: rockcastle