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Chemistry Final AU

Which abbreviation does not represent an SI unit? L
number of significant figures in 0.04050 is? 4
correct scientific notation for the measurement 108.2 cm? 1.082 x 10 (2)
1 liter is approximate to 1 pt
the equivalent of 22C in kelvins? 295
Kelvin = C+273
Celcius = (F-32) x (5/9)
Farenheit= C(9/5) + 32
the equivalent of 130K in degrees farenheit -225
true or false: protons are positively charged, and lighter than their negatively charged counterparts false
isotope of an element has 12 neutrons and a relative atomic mass of 24 amu. How many protons does it have? 12
Isotopes of an element differ in their numbers of ___? neutrons
which period contains chlorine 3
Stairstep (metalloids) B, SI, Ge, Sb, Po
subshells in order of increasing energy s p d f
What is the electron configuration for zinc (atomic number 30) 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d10 4s2
the charge of a ferric ion is 3+
which element in period 3 would form an ion by loosing three electrons Al
formula for a compound between calcium and phosphorus Ca3P2
according to VSEPR theory, the shape of NI3 is trigonal planar
SI for length m2
SI for mass kg
SI for time s
density m/v
proton, neutron, electron 1+, 0, 1-
Atomic Mass= Protons(mass) + Neutrons (mass)
number of protons equal to number of electrons
ide means no oxygen
ate means add oxygen. 4 oxygens in box, 3 out of box
ite means add oxygen. 3 oxygens in box, 2 out of box
formula for potassium carbonate K2CO2
how many bonds do Group V elements need to complete their octests? three
there are _______ lone pairs of electrons in the Lewis structure of N2 two
the number of lone electron pairs in the Lewis structure for H2O is: two
total number of valence electrons available in methane, CH4, is: eight
H20 is what type of molecule polar covalent
Which molecule has a double bond? a. CH4 b. C2H4 c. C3H6 d. C5H12 C3H6
VSEPR theory predicts that nonbonded electron pairs occupy a (greater/lesser) volume of space than a bonded electron pair greater
formula for sodium hydrogen sulfate NaHSO4
molar mass of (NH4)2CO3 is 96 g/mol
how many moles of H2SO4 are there in 43g of H2SO4 0.44
when we compare 1 mol of atoms of one element with 1 mol of atoms of another element we can say: they have the same number of atoms
how many grams of CuO are needed to produce 150g of copper? 188g
True or false: a redox reaction is one where electrons are gained an lost true
true or false: a dehydrogenation reaction is one in which a compound is oxidized false
consider the combustion reaction of pentane: C5H12 + O2 → CO2 + H20. What is the sum of all the coefficients in the balanced equation? 20
true or false: the gas laws of Charles, Boyle, Gay-Lussac and Avogadro all relate one property of a gas to a second property, while holding two other properties constant true
a sample of gas has a volume of 252 mL at a pressure of 641 torr. What volume will the gas occupy at the same temperature and a pressure of 760 torr? 212 mL
a gas has a pressure of 3.0 atm at 40 C. What is its pressure at 24 C, assuming its volume remains constant? 2.8 atm
Charle’s Law, which variables must remain constant? pressure and moles of gas
What volume does 14.00 g of nitrogen gas occupy at STP? 11.2 L
which secondary force would be expected to hold together the particles of a liquid with a very low boiling point? london forces
True or false: secondary forces are stronger than covalent bonds false
Molecules with large dipole moments are likely to have higher boiling points than molecules with no dipole moments
hydrogen bonds cannot form in molecules with hydrogen bonded to: hydrogen
photosynthesis proceeds according to this unbalanced equation: CO2 + H2O→ C6H12O6 + O2. What mass of CO2 is needed to produce 20.0g of glucose (C6H12O6)? 29.3g
what mass of CaCl2 is produced from 250g of NaCl in the reaction indicated by this unbalanced equation? NaCl + CaF2 → NaF + CaCl2 239g
chemical formula for cocaine is C17H21NO4. What is the percent carbon in cocaine? 67.3
Analysis of calcium carbide showed its mass composition is 62.5% calcium and 37.5% carbon. What is its empirical formula? CaC2
Calculate the pressure of a gas, in atmospheres, if it supports a 652mm column of mercury .858 atm
true or false: mass, temperature, volume and pressure are the only variables that determine the physical properties of most gases true
solubility of gas in a liquid ______ as temperature decreases increases
which state does matter undergo a large change in volume on heating? gas
sample gas has a volume of 505 mL at a pressure of 705 torr. What volume will the gas occupy at the same temperature and pressure of 755 torr? 474 mL
Calculate the volume of a 3.0L gas sample at 1.00 atm and 0.0C after it is heated to 85C assuming the pressure remains constant 3.9L
melting point is same as freezing point
true or false: secondary forces are stronger than covalent bonds false
nonpolar substances condense mainly through the action of: london forces
True or false: hydrogen-bonding substances do not experience London forces false
True or false: VSEPR theory predicts that the angles between the central nitrogen and the hydrogen atoms in NH3 measures 109.5 false
True or false: VSEPR theory predicts that angles between the central carbon and the oxygen atoms in CO2 measure 180 true
partial charge distribution for HI 8+ H-I 8-
total number of valence electrons available in methane, CH4, is: eight
Which factor does not affect the shape of a molecule? Nature of the electron transfer between atoms
How many moles of H2SO4 are there in 43g of H2SO4? 0.44
pressure _____ when the force stays the same and the area increases decreases
best describes CO2? Nonpolar covalent molecule
How many liters of water must be added to 4L of a 6M HNO3 solution to produce a 2M HNO3 solution? 8L
what is the concentration of a solution containing 10 mol of copper (II) nitrate in 5.0L of solution? 2.0M
What volume of 4.0M NaOH solution is needed to prepare 0.50L of 0.25M NaOH 0.03L
molar mass of Na3PO4 is: 164 g/mol
molar mass of (NH4)2CO3 is 96 g/mol
OIL RIG oxidation is loss, reduction is gain
Gay-Lussac P/T
Boyle PV
Charles V/T
1atm = 760 torr
STP 1 mol gas = 22.4 L at STP
avogadro 6.022 x 10(23)
diatomics H, N, O, F, Cl, Br, I
London Forces weakest intermolecular force
dipole dipole intermolecular force between polar molecules
hydrogen bonds strongest intermolecular forces
Hydrogen bonds can only happen with H bonded to N O F
Dillution V1 x M1 = V2 x M2
molarity= moles/liters
Reactions that give off heat are called ______ reactions exothermic
Reactions that absorb heat are called ______ reactions endothermic
Which statement best describes the production of a chlorine molecule according to the reaction Cl + Cl → Cl2 + 242 kJ bond is formed, reaction is exothermic
Why does the speed of some chemical reactions increase when the surface area ¬¬of a solid reactant is increased? change exposes more reactant particles to possible collisions
Which statement describes the characteristics of and endothermic reaction? ΔHrxn is positive, and the reaction products have more energy than the reactants
Which statement is true about the reaction A + B → C + D + heat Which statement is true about the reaction A + B → C + D + heat
True or false: A reaction rate increases when the reactant concentrations increases true
True or false: A reaction rate increases when the reactant concentrations increases false
Ozone is destroyed in the upper atmosphere by a series of reactions: NO
True or false: sometimes catalysts are transformed in the course of a reaction false
True or false: many biochemical processes in the body have low activation energies true
system is said to be in a state of dynamic equilibrium when the: Concentrations of products and reactants stops changing
What is the effect of doubling the concentration of SO3 in an equilibrium mixture for this reaction: 2SO2(g) + O2(g) → 2SO3(g) SO2 increases more than O2
The equilibrium constant expression for the following unbalanced reaction: CO(g) + O2(g) → CO2(g) is K = [CO2]2/[CO]2[O2]
Given this reaction equilibrium AgI(s) → Ag+(aq) + I-(aq), addition of Kl(s) to the solution: Causes the Ag+(aq) concentration to decrease, and the I – (aq) concentration to increase
Which of thee compounds is not a strong acid? H2SO3
Which of these is not a strong base? Al(OH)3
20. To be classified as an acid, a substance must release _____ ions. H+
determine the pH of a solution with [H3O+]= 1.0 x 10(-7) mol/L 7
Which solution is most acidic? vinegar
Which solution is most basic household ammonia
which of these is the weakest acid? NH4+
According to Bonsted-Lowry theory, ____ are proton donors acids
According to Bonsted-Lowry theory, ____ are proton acceptors bases
which of these solutions will red litmus turn blue? NaOH
Calculate the volume of 4.0M NaOH required to neutralize 0.050L of 2.0M HNO3 0.025
generally equilibrium reactions: produce mixtures of both reactants and products in a definite proportion
Cake mixes often give “high altitude” directions. Why does more water need to be added for high altitude? the pressure is lower, and the boiling point of water is lower
the boiling point of a liquid is ____ as the atmospheric pressure decreases decreases
Which hydrocarbon has the lowest normal boiling point? C2H6
the designation KCl(aq) means KCl is: the solute in a homogeneous mixture
Which substance is most likely to be insoluble in water? barium sulfate
Which compound is most likely to be soluble in water? sodium hydroxide
T/F Most ionic sulfates and bromides are soluble in water True
T/F: the concentration of a solution remains constant regardless of the volume of solution observed true
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