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Chapter 26 sound f


____________waves are produced by the vibrations of material objects. sound
Sound waves consist of traveling pulses of high-pressure zones or ______________, alternating with pulses of low-pressure zones or ______________________________________. compressions rarefactions
Sound can/can not travel through a vacuum. CAN NOT
Sound travels fastest through very __________ materials, such as steel. elastic
When a sounding board is forced to vibrate by a sound source, the sound becomes ____________________. louder
When an object is forced to vibrate at one of its natural frequencies, resonance occurs and the sound becomes ____ _______. much louder
Two sound waves can exhibit interference and make sound ___________ or _______________________. louder softer
________occur when two tones very close in frequency are heard at the same time. Beats
A subjective impression about the frequency of sound is called _________. pitch
Ultrasonic waves have frequencies _______________ 20,000 Hz. above
Infrasonic sound waves have frequencies ___________ 20 Hz. below
We can/ can not hear infrasonic and ultrasonic frequencies. can not
In sound, a pulse of compressed air is called __________________. compression
A disturbance in air in which the pressure is lowered is called a _____________________. rarefaction
The transmission of sound does/ does not require a medium. does
Rapid changes in loudness are known as ______________________. beats
The vibration of an object that is made to vibrate by another vibrating object that is nearby is called _________________________. forced vibration
A frequency at which minimum energy is required to produce forced vibrations. Natural frequency
When the frequency of a forced vibration matches the object’s natural frequency a dramatic increase in amplitude occurs. This phenomenon is called _______________. reasonance
What is the beat frequency when a262 Hz and a 272 Hz tuning fork are sounded together? 10 beats per sec
. The speed of sound varies with temperature.
The sound of beats is the sound of throbbing tones.
When an object is set vibrating by a wave having a frequency that matches the natural frequency of the object, what occurs is resonance.
A factory floor vibrates, and as a result you vibrate when standing on the floor. This is forced vibration.
Sound does NOT travel in a VACUUM
When you tap various objects, they produce characteristic sounds that are related to their natural frequency.
Sound travels in air by a series of both compressions and rarefactions.
8. The pitch of a sound is most closely related to its frequency
9. Noise-canceling devices such as those in modern airplanes make use of sound interference
10. When the surface of a cello is made to vibrate, we say it undergoes forced vibration.
what kind of vibrating source is a violin strings
what kind of vibrating source is your voice reed
what kind of vibrating source is saxophone vocal cords
what kind of vibrating source is flute column of your air mouth piece
sound waves are a type of _______ wave longitudinally
as people grow older, they often have more trouble hearing sounds at the ______ end of the range of frequencies higher
sound waves with the frequencies below the normal range are ______ waves infrasonic
sound waves with the frequencies above the normal range are ______ waves. ultrasonic
a pulse of compressed air is called _________, and a pulse of low pressure is called a ______. compression rarefaction
for all wave motion it is not the _____ that travels but the _______ that travels medium pulse
suppose a friend far away taps a metal fence circle the letter of the true statement the sound is louder and travels faster through the metal than trough air
circle the letter of the best conductor of sound solid
the speed of sound in a gas depends primarily on ______ and ________ the temperature of the gas the mass of the particles in the gas
what is speed of sound in dry air at 0*C 330m/s
________in the air incthe square of the sound reases the speed of sound in air water vapor
for each degree increase in the air temperature above 0*C,the speed od sound in air increase about ______ m/s 0.60
the speed of sound at normal room temperature is about 340m/s
what is the intensity of sound proportional to? the square of the amplitude of sound wave
does lighter gas transmit sound faster or slower than heavier gases found in air?_______ faster
physiological hearing damage begins at exposure to ______ decibels. 85
what the properties upon which an object natural frequency depends elasticity and shape
why is the sound made by an unmounted turning fork faint when fork faint when compared to the sound of the fork when its base is on a tabletop the table is force to vibrate and it larger surface set more air in motion causing the loudness of the turning fork to increase
the part of any string musical instrument that undergoes forced vibration and makes the sound you hear is a _______ sounding board
describe how child's c=swing illustrate resonance the child pumps the swing or is pushed in rhythm with the natural frequency of swing increasing the amplitude of the swing
a ____ of a sound wave correspond to a crest of a transverse wave compression
A ____ of a sound wave corresponds to trough of a transverse wave rarefaction
when the crest of one wave overlap the crest of another wave,there is _______ interference and a decrease in _______ constructive amplitude
when the crest of one wave overlaps the trough of another wave there is ____________ interference and a decrease in __________ destructive amplitude
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