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Word Within the Word 2 List #46

para beside
path feeling
simul feign
in not (or in)
fy make
sacro holy
ultra beyond
fer carry
peri near
crypt hidden
anti against
a- without
sed sit
kin motion
ex out
plus more
voc voice
corp body
helio sun
sanct holy
paragon excellent model
antipathy strong dislike
abyss bottomless fissure
dissemble conceal through pretense
insidious sly
impecunious poor
kinesiology science of motion
beatify make blissfully happy
execrate denounce or curse
ne plus ultra peak of perfection
vociferous loud
corpulent full-bodied
perihelion orbital point nearest the sun
cryptic having hidden meaning
sanctimonious affectedly holy
Created by: Swanwww08