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OE_Unit 7 Boleto

OE_Unit 7 Boleto

las joyas the jewelry
la noche the night
él los lee he reads them
ella piensa she thinks
paga he/she pays
los billetes the bills $$$
los padres the parents
el boleto the ticket
el carro the car
los números the numbers
pone he/she puts
mira la television he/she watches television
Un muchacho llamado... A boy named...(add name and what they are doing)
van a quitarle they are going to take away from him/her
la cuenta the bill
gasta spends/wastes
ganar to win
un millón de dólares one million dollars
mil dólares one thousand dollars
se lo da todo he/she give it all
debajo de under
mio mine
la cama the bed
debajo de under
tuyo masculine yours informal
sólo le queda cien dólares he is left with only one hundred dollars
se queda he/she stays
le quitan they take away from him/her
lotería lottery
claro que sí Yes! of course!
pongo I put
un dólare one dollar
leo I read
pienso I think
le queda he is left with
lo puedes gastar como tu quieras you can spend it however you´d like
salimos we leave
salgo I leave
contigo with you
pierdo I lose
puede can
chocamos we crash
el hombre the man
joven young
manejar to drive
tanto dinero so much money
a pie on foot
le dio gave him/her
obtener to obtain
la proxima vez the next time
Created by: rnodarse



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