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Nervous sys

pharm 3

Phentolamine mesylate adrenergic blocking agents Regitine
timolol meleate adrenergic blocking timoptic
neostigmine cholinergic agents, prostigmin
emdrophonium chloride ( Tensilon) cholinergic agent
atropine sulfate anticholinergic agent
dicyclomine hydrochloride anticholingeric - antispasmidic agent Bently
allopurinol antigout zyloprim
lidocane local anesthetic zyloprim
mepivacine local anesthetic
acetylsalicylic acid non nar asprin
acetaminophen Tylenol
ibuprofen nsaid motrin
naproxen nsaid naprosyn
indomethacin nsaid indocin
morphine narcotic analgesics
codiene narcotic analgesics
meperidine narcotic analgesics (Demerol)
methadone narcotic analgesics ( Dolophine)
hydromorphone HCL narcotic analgesics (Dilaudid)
naloxone narcotic antagonist ( Narcan)
"barbital" barbiturates
"zepam" benzodiazepines
alprozalam benzodiazepines xanax
midazolam benzodiazepines Versed
"azine" phenothiazine
haloperidol nonphenothiazines haldol
loxapine nonphenothaiazine loxitane
clozapine atypical clozaril
respiradone atypical
olanzapine atypical
aripiprazole atypical ( abilify)
phenytoin anticonvulsant dilantin
carbamazepine anticonvulsant
gabapentin anticonvulsant
ethosuximide anticonvulsant
benztropine mesylate anticholinergic
trihexyphenidyl HCL ( Artane) anticholinergic
orphenadrine ( norflex) anticholinergic
"dopa" Dopaminergic Agents
amantadine (symmertrel) dopamine agonists and anti viral
bromocriptime ( parlodel) dopamine agonists
pramipexole dopamine agonists
ropinrole ( requip) Dopamine Agonists
"gline" MAO-B inhibitors
"pone" COMT inhibitors
"PHE" Amphetamine and amphetamine like
modadinil (Provigil) Amphetamine
atomoxetine Adhd strattera
benzphetamine anorexiant
dextroamphetamine sulfate anorexiant
diethylpropion anorexiant
phentermine anorexiant
"trims" anorexiant without pheylpropanolamine
orlistat anorexiantwithout pheylpropanolamine
Lithuim carbonate mood stabilizer
amitriptyline (Elavil) tricyclic antidepressant
imipramine (Tofranil) tricyclic antidepressant
fluoxetine (prozac) selective sertonin reuptake inhibitor
paroxetine ( Paxil) selective sertonin reuptake inhibitor
sertraline ( Zoloft) selective sertonin reuptake inhibitor
escitalopram ( Lexapro) selective sertonin reuptake inhibitor
citalopram ( celexa) selective sertonin reuptake inhibitor
isocarboxazid ( MARPLAN) mao inhibitor
phenylzine ( Nardil) mao inhibitor
tranycypromine ( Parnate) mao inhibtor
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