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Barron's GRE(8th100)

Barron's GRE words from 701 to 800

stanch to stop or check the flow of
stentorian extremely loud
stigma mark of disgrace or inferiority
stint to be sparing
stipulate to specify as an essential condition
stolid having or showing little emotion
stratified arranged in layers
striated marked with thin, narrow grooves or channels
stricture something that restrains; negative criticism
strident loud; harsh; unpleasantly noisy
strut to swagger; display to impress others
stultify to impair or reduce to uselessness
stupefy to dull the senses of; stun; astonish
stygian dark and gloomy; hellish
subpoena notice ordering someone to appear in court
subside to settle down; grow quiet
substantiate to support with proof or evidence
substantive essential; pertaining to the substance
subsume to include; incorporate
subversive intended to undermine or overthrow, especially an established government
succor relief; help in time of distress or want
suffrage the right to vote
sundry various
supersede to replace, especially to displace as inferior or antiquated
supine lying on the back; marked by lethargy
supplant to replace; substitute
suppliant beseeching
supplicant one who asks humbly and earnestly
supposition the act of assuming to be true or real
syllogism a form of deductive reasoning that has a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion
sylvan related to the woods or forest
tacit silently understood; implied
talisman charm to bring good luck and avert misfortune
tangential peripheral; digressing
tautology unnecessary repetition
taxonomy science of classification; in biology, the process of classifying organisms in categories
tenet belief; doctrine
tenuous weak; insubstantial
terrestrial earthly; commonplace
theocracy government by priests representing a god
thespian an actor or actress
timbre the characteristic quality of sound produced by a particular instrument or voice; tone color
tirade long, violent speech; verbal assault
toady flatterer; hanger-on; yes-man
tome book, usually large and academic
torpor lethargy; dormancy; sluggishness
torque a turning or twisting force; the moment of a force; the measure of a force's tendency to produce twisting or turning and rotation around an axis
tortuous having many twists and turns; highly complex
tout to promote or praise energetically
tractable obedient; yielding
transgression act of trespassing or violating a law or rule
transient temporary; short-lived; fleeting
translucent partially transparent
travail work, especially arduous work; tribulation; anguish
travesty parody; exaggerated imitation; caricature
treatise article treating a subject systematically and throughly
tremulous trembling; quivering; frugal; timid
trepidation fear and anxiety
truculence aggressiveness; ferocity
tryst agreement between lovers to meet; rendezvous
tumid swollen; distended
turbid muddy; opaque; in a state of great confusion
turgid swollen; bloated; pompous
tutelary serving as a guardian or protector
uncanny mysterious; strange
undulating moving in waves
unfeigned not false; not made up; genuine
untenable indefensible
untoward not favorable; troublesome; adverse; unruly
usury practice of lending money at exorbitant rates
vacillate to waver; oscillate
vacuous empty; void; lacking intelligence; purposeless
valedictory pertaining to a farewell
vapid tasteless; dull
variegated varied; marked with different colors
vaunt to boast; brag
venal bribable; mercenary; corruptible
vendetta prolonged feud marked by bitter hostility
venerate to adore; honor; respect
veracious truthful; accurate
verbose wordy
vertigo dizziness
vexation irritation; annoyance; confusion; puzzlement
viable practicable; capable of developing
vindictive spiteful; vengeful; unforgiving
virtuoso someone with masterly skills; expert musician
visage countenance; appearance; aspect
viscous thick, syrupy, and sticky
vitiate to impair the quality of; corrupt morally; make inoperative
vituperative using or containing harsh, abusive censure
vivisection dissection, surgery, or painful experiments performed on a living animal for the purpose of scientific research
vogue prevailing fashion or practice
volatile tending to very frequently; fickle
vortex whirlpool; whirlwind; center of turbulence
warranted justified
wary careful; cautious
welter to wallow or roll; toss about; be in turmoil
whimsical fanciful; unpredictable
wistful vaguely longing; sadly thoughtful
zealot one who is fanatically devoted to a cause
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