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Barron's GRE(7th100)

Barron's GRE words from 601 to 700

profound deep; not superficial
prohibitive so high as to prevent the purchase or use of; preventing; forbidding
proliferate to increase rapidly
propensity inclination; tendency
propitiate to win over; appease
propriety correct conduct; fitness
proscribe to condemn; forbid; outlaw
provident providing for future needs; frugal
puissant powerful
punctilious careful in observing rules of behavior or ceremony
pungent strong or sharp in smell or taste; penetrating; caustic; to the point
purport to profess; suppose; claim
pusillanimous cowardly
quagmire marsh; difficult situation
quail to cower; lose heart
qualified limited; restricted
qualm sudden feeling of faintness or nausea; uneasy feeling about the rightness of actions
query to question
quibble to argue over insignificant and irrelevant details
quiescent inactive; still
quorum number of members necessary to conduct a meeting
raconteur witty, skillful storyteller
rail to scold with bitter or abusive language
raiment clothing
ramification implication; outgrowth; consequence
rarefied refined
rationale fundamental reason
rebus puzzle in which pictures or symbols represent words
recalcitrant resisting authority or control
recant to retract a statement or opinion
recluse person who lives in seclusion and often in solitude
recondite abstruse; profound
redoubtable formidable; arousing fear; worthy of respect
refractory stubborn; unmanageable; resisting ordinary methods of treatment
refulgent brightly shining; resplendent
refute to contradict; disprove
regale to entertain
relegate to consign to an inferior position
remonstrate to object or protest
renege to go back on one's word
reparation amends; compensation
repine fret; complain
reprise repetition, especially of a piece of music
reproach to find fault with; blame
reprobate morally unprincipled person
repudiate to reject as having no authority
rescind to cancel
resolution determination; resolve
resolve determination; firmness of purpose
reticent not speaking freely; reserved; reluctant
reverent expressing deep respect; worshipful
riposte a retaliatory action or retort
rococo excessively ornate; highly decorated; style of architecture in eighteenth-century Europe
rubric title or heading; category; established mode of procedure or conduct; protocol
rue to regret
ruse trick; crafty stratagem; subterfuge
sage wise
salacious lascivious; lustful
salubrious healthful
salutary expecting an improvement; favorable to health
sanction to approve; ratify; permit
sardonic cynical; scornfully mocking
sartorial pertaining to tailors
satiate to satisfy
saturate to soak thoroughly; imbue throughout
saturnine gloomy
satyr a creature that is half-man, half-beast with the horns and legs of a goat; it is a follower of Dionysos; a lecher
savor to enjoy; have a distinctive flavor or smell
schematic relating to or in the form of an outline or diagram
secrete produce and release substance into organism
sedition behavior prompting rebellion
sedulous diligent
seismic relating to earthquakes; earthshaking
sensual relating to the senses; gratifying the physical senses, especially sexual appetites
sensuous relating to the senses; operating through the senses
sentient aware; conscious; able to perceive
servile submissive; obedient
sextant navigation tool that determines latitude and longitude
shard a piece of broken glass or pottery
sidereal relating to the stars
simian apelike; relating to apes
simile comparison of one thing with another using "like" or "as"
sinecure well-paying job or office that requires little or no work
singular unique; extraordinary; odd
sinuous winding; intricate; complex
skeptic one who doubts
sobriety seriousness
sodden thoroughly soaked; saturated
solicitous concerned; attentive; eager
soliloquy literary or dramatic speech by one character, not addressed to others
solvent able to meet financial obligations
somatic relating to or affecting the body; corporeal
soporific sleep producing
sordid filthy; contemptible and corrupt
specious seeming to be logical and sound, but not really so
spectrum band of colors produced when sunlight passes through a prism; a broad range of related ideas or objects
spendthrift person who spends money recklessly
sporadic irregular
squalor filthy, wretched condition
staccato marked by abrupt, clear-cut sounds
Created by: bahakz
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