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Unit 3 Vaca

OE_Unit 3 La Vaca y El Mono

la cama the bed
los zapatos the shoes
la calle the street
está roncando he/she is snoring
está caminando he/she is walking
le dice he/she tells him/her
el mono duerme the monkey sleeps
está durmiendo he/she is sleeping
tampoco also doesn´t
coge he/she gets/takes
tiene he/she has
el vaso glass
tira he/she throws
la mano the hand
le da he/she gives him/her
está enojado(a) he/she is angry
está mojado(a) he/she is wet
está seco(a) he/she/it is dry
la casa the house
está emocionado(a) he/she is excited
es rico(a) he/she is rich
la vaca the cow
ronca he/she snores
el día the day
es gordo(a) he/she is fat
es fuerte he/she is strong
es pobre he/she is poor
un poco a little
duerme he/she sleeps
se despierta he/she wakes up
ahora now
soy pobre I am poor
lo lleva he/she takes him
escucha he/she listens
busca he/she looks for
es alto(a) he/she is tall
tiene dinero he/she has money
el agua the water
encuentra he/she finds
por/para for
Hay there is/there are
vive he/she lives
Created by: rnodarse