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Barron's GRE(3rd100)

Barron's GRE words from 201 to 300

deride to mock
derivative something derived; unoriginal
desiccate to dry completely
desuetude state of disuse
desultory random; disconnected; rambling
deterrent something that discourages or hinders
detraction the act of taking away; derogatory comment on a person's character
diaphanous transparent; fine-textured; insubstantial; vague
diatribe bitter verbal attack
dichotomy division into two usually contradictory parts
diffidence shyness; lack of confidence
diffuse to spread out
digression act of straying from the main point
dirge funeral hymn
disabuse to free from a misconception
discerning perceptive; exhibiting keen insight and good judgment
discomfit to make uneasy; disconcert
discordant not in tune
discredit to dishonor; disgrace; cause to be doubted
discrepancy difference between
discrete constituting a separate thing; distinct
discretion quality of showing self-restrain in speech or actions; circumspection; freedom to act on one's own
disingenuous not candid; crafty
disinterested unprejudiced; objective
disjointed lacking order or coherence; dislocated
dismiss put away from consideration; reject
disparage to belittle
disparate dissimilar
dissemble to pretend; disguise one's motives
disseminate to spread; scatter; disperse
dissident person who disagrees about beliefs, etc.
dissolution disintegration; debauchery
dissonance discord; lack of harmony
distend to expand; swell out
distill extract the essential elements
distrait inattentive; preoccupied
diverge to vary; go in different directions from the same poing
divest to strip; deprive; rid
divulge to make known something that is secret
doctrinaire relating to a person who cannot compromise about points of a theory or doctrine; dogmatic; unyielding
document to provide with written evidence to support
doggerel poor verse
dogmatic stating opinions without proof
dormant inactive
dross waste; worthless matter; trivial master
dupe to deceive; trick
ebullient exhilarated; enthusiastic
eclectic selecting from various sources
effervescence state of high spirits or liveliness; the process of bubbling as gas escapes
effete depleted of vitality; overrefined; decadent
efficacy efficiency; effectiveness
effrontery shameless boldness; presumptuousness
egoism the tendency to see things in relation to oneself; self-centeredness
egotistical excessively self-centered; conceited
elegy poem or song expressing lamentation
elicit to provoke; draw out
elixir a substance believed to have the power to cure ills
Elysian blissful; delightful
emaciated thin and wasted
embellish to adorn; decorate; enhance; make more attractive by adding details
emollient soothing; mollifying
empirical derived from observation or experiment
emulate to imitate; copy
encomium a formal expression of praise
endemic inherent; belonging to an area
enervate to weaken
engender to cause; produce
enhance to increase; improve
entomology the scientific study of insects
enunciate to pronounce clearly
ephemeral short-lived; fleeting
epistemology branch of philosophy that examines the nature of knowledge
equable steady; unvarying; serene
equanimity composure; calmness
equivocate intentionally use vague language
errant mistaken; straying from the proper course
erudite learned; scholarly
esoteric hard to understand; known only to a few
essay to make an attempt; subject to a test
estimable admirable; possible to estimate
ethnocentric based on the attitude that one's group is superior
etiology causes or origins
etymology origin and history of a word
eugenics study of factors that influence the hereditary quialities of the human race and ways to improve these qualitites
eulogy high praise, especially of a person who has recently died
euphemism use of agreeable or inoffensive language in place of unpleasant or offensive language
euphoria a feeling of extreme happiness
euthanasia mercy killing
evince to show plainly; be an indication of
evocative tending to call to mind or produce a reaction
exacerbate to aggravate; make worse
exact to force the payment of; demand and obtain by authority
exculpate to clear of blame; vindicate
execrable detestable; abhorrent
exhort to urge by strong appeals
exigency crisis; urgent requirements
existential having to do with existence; based on experience; having to do with the philosophy of existentialism
exorcise to expel evil spirits; free from bad influences
expatiate to speak or write at length
expatriate to send into exile
Created by: bahakz
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