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Barron's GRE(2nd100)

Barron's GRE words from 101 to 200

bucolic characteristic of the countryside; rustic; pastoral
burgeon to flourish
burnish to polish
buttress to reinforce; support
cacophonous unpleasant or harsh-sounding
cadge to beg; sponge
callous thick-skinned; insensitive
calumny false and malicious accusation; slander
canard false, deliberately misleading story
canon an established principle; a basis or standard for judgment; a group of literary works
cant insincere talk; language of a particular group
cantankerous irritable; ill-humoured
capricious fickle
captious faultfinding; intended to entrap, as in an argument
cardinal of foremost importance
carnal of the flesh or body; related to physical appetities
carping to find fault; complain
cartography science of making maps
caste any of the hereditary social classes of Hindu society; social stratification
castigation punishment; chastisement; criticism
cataclysm a violent upheaval that causes great destruction and change
catalyst something causing change
categorical absolute; without exception
caucus smaller group within an organization
causal involving a cause
caustic sarcastically biting; burning
celestial concerning the sky or heavens; sublime
centrifugal moving away from a center
centripetal moving or directed toward a center
champion to defend or support
chasten to correct by punishment or reproof; to restrain or subdue
chicanery trickery; fraud
chivalry the qualities idealized by knighthood such as bravery and gallantry toward women
churlish rude; boorish
circuitous roundabout
clairvoyant one who can predict the future; psychic
clamor noisy outcry
clique a small, exclusive group
cloister to confine; seclude
coagulate thicken; congeal
coalesce to cause to become one
coda concluding part of a literary or musical composition; something that summarizes or concludes
codify to systematize
cognizant informed; conscious; aware
collage artistic composition of materials pasted over a surface; an assemblage of diverse elements
commensurate proportional
compendium brief, comprehensive summary
complacent self-satisfied
complaisant overly polite; willing to please; obliging
complement something that completes or makes up a whole
compliant yielding
compunction uneasiness caused by guilt
concave curving inward
conciliatory overcoming distrust or hostility
concoct to invent
concomitant existing concurrently
condone to overlook voluntarily; forgive
confound to baffle; perplex; mix up
congenial similar in tastes and habits; friendly; suited to
conjugal pertaining to marriage aggreement
connoisseur a person possessing expert knowledge or training; a person of informed and discriminating taste
conscript person compulsory enrolled for military service
consecrate to declare sacred
contend to assert
contentious quarrelsome; causing quarrels
contiguous touching; neighboring; connecting without a break
continence self-control; abstention from sexual activity
contrite very sorrowful for a wrong
contumacious disobedient; rebellious
conundrum riddle; puzzle with no solution
convention practice widely observed in a group; custom; accepted technique or device
converge to approach; come together; tend to meet
convex curved outward
convivial sociable
convoluted complicated
copious abundant; plentiful
coquette woman who flirts
cornucopia horn overflowing with fruit and grain; state of abundance
cosmology study of the universe as a totality; theory of the origin and structure of the universe
covert hidden; secret
covetous desiring something owned by another
cozen to misled by trick or fraud; deceive
craven cowardly
credence acceptance of something as true
credo statement of belief or principle; creed
daunt to discourage; intimidate; dishearten
dearth scarcity
debauchery corruption
decorum proper behavior
defame to malign; harm someone's reputation
default to fail to act
deference respect; regard for another's wish
defunct no longer existing
delineate to represent or depict
demographic related to population balance
demotic pertaining to people
demur to express doubt
denigrate to slur someone' reputation
denizen an inhabitant; a regular visitor
denouement outcome; unraveling of the plot of a play or work of literature
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