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Create a dialogue where you invite Joe Jack to play hockey with you but he replies no because he has to study Joe Jack, Est-ce que tu veux jouer au hockey? Non. Je regrette, mais je ne peux pas. Je dois etudier.
Regular verb conjugation ending for nous ons
Regular verb conjugation ending for Vous ez
Regular verb conjugation ending for Ils/Elles ent
Irregular conjugation (etre) for Je suis
Irregular conjugation (etre) for Il/Elle/On est
Irregular conjugation (etre) for Nous sommes
Irregular conjugation (etre) for Ils/Elles est
Irregular conjugation (etre) for Vous etes
Irregular conjugation (faire) for Je fais
Irregular conjugation (faire) for Il/Elle/On fait
Irregular conjugation (faire) for Nous Faisons
Irregular conjugation (faire) for Vous Faites
Sing the Direction song (and say what it means in english) sur, sous, dens, devant, derriere, en haut, en bas, a cote de, a drote, a gauche English: On top, on bottom, inside, in front, behind, above, below, beside, to the right, to the left.
What does Il ne croit pas mean? He doesn't believe
What does Il n'a pas mean? He doesn't have
What does Il doit mean? He must
How to say son? fils (pronounced fleece minus the l)
How to say daughter? fille
How do you say He is 15 years old? Il a quinze ans
What is biochemistry? Study of chemical processes in organisms
What is analytical chemistry? Chem that focuses on composition of matter
What is Physical chem Study of energy transfer
What is an intensive property? A property that depends on the TYPE of matter
What is an extensive property? A property that depends on the QUANTITY of matter
List the four clues to a chemical change Transfer of energy, Change in color, production of gas, formulation of precipitate
Define Heterogeneous mixture Not the exact same (uniform) throughout
Define Homogeneous mixture The exact same (uniform) throughout
Formula for density? Density = mass / volume
Formula for volume? volume = mass/density
Formula for mass? mass = density x volume
Atomic size trend? increases top to bottom, decreases left to right
Ionization energy trend? decreases top to bottom, increases left to right
Electronegativity trend? decreases top to bottom, increases left to right
What did Democritus contribute to chemistry? Believed atoms existed, no proof.
What did JJ Thomson contribute to chemistry? Found electrons (cathode ray)
What did Ernest Rutherford contribute to chemistry? Found nucleus (gold foil)
What did J.W. Dobereiner contribute to chemistry? organized elements into triads. Elements in triads had similar properties
What did Henry Mosely contribute to chemistry? Found an atomic # for each element. Sorted periodic table in order of increasing atomic number
What did Mendeleev contribute to chemistry? Arranged the elements by increasing atomic mass
Define the VSEPR theory electrons try to stay as far away from each other as possible (why molecules are bent, pyramidal, etc.)
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