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Word Wall Problems

Word Wall Problems (no numbers)

1. Ted has ___ cups of peanuts and ___ cups of cashews. How many cups does he have all together? addition
2. Kirk has ___ yards of canvas and ___ yards of felt. How much more canvas does he have than felt? subtraction
3. John is making pancakes for all his relatives. If he needs ___ amound of milk to make one batch, how much will he need to make ___ batches? multiplication
4. Jennifer has a ribbon ___ inches long. If she cut ___ inch of the ribbon off, how much ribbondoes she have remaining? subtraction
5. Harry worked ___ hour on Friday and ___ hours on Saturday. What was the total amount of time Harry worked those two days? addition
6. Janet had to work ___ times more on holiday weekends than she does regular weekends. If she works ___ on regular weekends, how much does she work on holiday weekends? multiplication
7. Sarah wanted to share pizza with her friends. If Sarah had ___ of a pizza to share with ___ friends, how much of the pizza would each of her friends get? division
8. Carlos' Bakery baked ___ cakes. If they sold ___ cakes in the morning, how many did they have left to sell in the afternoon? multiplication, subtraction
9. Erin drank ___ glass of lemonade. Cameron drank ___ glass of lemonade. If the glasses held the same amount of lemonade, how much more did Erin drink? subtraction
10. Mike and Frank ran in a race. Frank ran ___ miles. Mike ran ___ times as far as Frank. How far did Mike run? multiplication
11. Jackson mowed his neighbors lawn. If he mowed ___ of the lawn in the morning, how much more would he have to mow in the afternoon? Subtraction
12. Jared decided he could complete his math project in ___ hours over the weekend. He spend ___ hours working on the project on Saturday. How much more time should Jared have to spend to complete the project on Sunday? subtraction
13. Katy is baking cookies. The recipe calls for ___ cups of sugar. She only wants ___ of the recipe. How much sugar will she need? multiplication
14. Jocelyn made ___ pounds of homemade candy. She is planning on sharing the candy equally among ___ friends. How much candy should each friend get? division
15. Stacey has ___ cups of milk in a measuring cup. She needs to pour ___ cup of this milk out. How much milk will remain in the cup? subtraction
16. You have a ___-foot board and need to cut the board so that it is ___ feet long. How much do you have to cut off? subtraction
Created by: bpoland5