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11 hendecagon
12 dodecagon
13 triskaidecagon
14 tetrakaidecagon
15 pendedecagon
16 hexdecagon
17 heptdecagon
18 octdecagon
19 enneadecagon
20 icosagon
30 triacontagon
40 tetracontagon
50 pentacontagon
60 hexacontagon
70 heptacontagon
80 octaconagon
90 enneacontagon
100 hectagon
1000 chiliagon
10000 myriagon
100000 megagon
10100 googolgon
prefix 20 sides isosikai
prefix 30 sides triacontakai
prefix 40 sides tetracontakai
prefix 50 sides pentacontakai
prefix 60 sides hexacontakai
prefix 70 sides heptacontakai
prefix 80 sides octacontakai
prefix 90 sides enneacontakai
suffix 1 side heneagon
suffix 2 sides digon
suffix 3 sides trigon
suffix 4 sides tetragon
suffix 5 sides pentagon
suffix 6 sides hexagon
suffix 7 sides heptagon
suffix 8 sides octagon
suffix 9 sides enneagon
3 triangle
4 square or quadrilateral
5 pentagon
6 hexagon
7 heptagon
8 octagon
9 nonagon or ENNEAGON
10 decagon
Created by: rcms