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HC21 Tri 1 Exam

What should you do if a patient is too heavy for you to move alone? Ask a co-worker for help
What is the Full-Fowler's bed position The patient is supine with the head of the bed elevated 90 degrees.
What is the Semi-Fowler's bed position The patient is supine with the head of the bed elevated 45 degrees.
The Fowler's position is used with patients with what types of problems? respiratory or cardiovascular problems
Which muscles in your body are the strongest? Leg muscles
During a patient transfer from bed to wheelchair, where should the wheelchair be placed? Beside the bed and against the wall
Which tool should be used when transferring a patient from a bed to a wheelchair? Transfer belt
A patient lying on their back is in what position? Supine
In consideration of proper body machanics, you ahould always bend at your: Hips and knees
When carrying a heavy object, where should you hold the object? Close to your body
What health care workers should and should not do according to their profession is referred to as: Scope of practice
What is the most common type of injury experienced by health care workers? Back injury
Which two items should be used to identify a patient? Name and birth date
In what type of setting should a health care worker interview a victim of an accident? In a private, confidential setting
What type of attitude should a health care worker have when interviewing a victim of an accident? Concerned and non-threatening
How often should high traffic areas in a health care facility be cleaned? Daily
Any spill you create or find in the medical facility should be: cleaned up immediately
Which government agency is responsible for protecting human health and the environment and also enforces specific regulations in health care, including proper disposal of biohazardous waste? Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
One of the most important guidelines to providing a safe environment in a health care facility is: Know the surroundings (the location of all exits & emergency devices).
What should a health care worker do immediately after a safety violation occurs? Report it to the supervisor
Why should surfaces that touch food be sanitized? To destroy microorganisms
At what angle should a patient's hips be position for mealtime? 90°angle
When should you explain a procedure to a patient? Before you begin the procedure
Why should you knock and ask for permission before entering a patient's room? It makes the patient feel comfortable and secure
One should assume that materials marked with an orange biohazard materials symbol may be: contaminated or contain infectious pathogens
Areas marked with the yellow isolation sign are: highly contaminated and should only be entered by trained individuals who are wearing proper protective equipment
The study of promoting the safety of a person by adapting the environment and preventing injury is called: ergonomics
Positioning the body in ways that prevent injury is referred to as: body mechanics
The government agency that enforces safety standards in the workplace to protect employees from injury and illness and is also responsible for creating safety standards that apply to health care facilities is: OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration
This government agency is responsible for protecting and advancing public health by regulating the safety of food and drug products that are sold to the public. FDA - Food and Drug Administration
A health care facility may be held _______ for any injuries or accidents that result from negligence or malpractice. liable
Unintentionally harming a person by acting in an improper way (in a way that a reasonable person in their situation would) is: negligence
When a health care worker unintentionally harms a patients as a result of not following their profession's scope of practice the worker is guilty of: malpractice
The term for professional negligence is: malpractice
Scope of practice is defined as: what health care workers should and should not do according to their profession
When an accident occurs that involves a patient, an employee, or a visitor, most facilities require that an event report be filed
RACE is an acronym used to help health care workers remember what steps to take if a fire should occur in a facility. RACE is an acronym for: Rescue, Alarm, Contain, Extinquish or Evacuate
How can you confine a fire to an area? Close doors and windows
How long must an object soak in disinfectant solution to be properly disinfected? 20 minutes
Hand washing and routine cleaning are examples of what type of practice? Medical asepsis
What is the best way to prevent the spread of infection? Wash your hands
How does a pathogen get spread from one person to another person? Through a mode of transmission
What causes infectious disease? pathogens
How is a used sharp disposed of? Drop the entire sharp into a sharps container
How long can a single pair of gloves be used? During the care for one patient
When should health care workers wash their hands? BEFORE providing care; BETWEEN patients; AFTER using the bathroom, using a tissue, handling raw foods, touching unclean equipment or washcloths, and eating or drinking
Which patients should be considered infectious? All patients should be considered infectious
Surgical blades, syringes, needles are considered: sharps
Standard practice for a patient with chicken pox would include: Moving the patient to an isolation room, requiring respiratory protection for those entering room, and keeping the room at negative pressure
What is a communicable disease A type of infectious disease that can be transmitted from one person to another person (some through direct contact, some through indirect contact).
Touching an open wound on an infected person or having a sexual relationship with an infected person are examples of what type of contact? direct contact
Inhaling the air after an infected person has sneezed or handling soiled bed sheets from an infected patient are examples of what type of contact? indirect contact
On what type of fire should a Type A fire extinguisher be used? common combustibles such as a wood (a way to remember: in Toy Story Andy's favorite toy was Woody)
On what type of fire should a Type B fire extinguisher be used? flammable liquid fires including grease, gasoline, and oil (a way to remember: liguids Boil)
On what type of fire should a Type C fire extinguisher be used? fires that are electrically energized (hint: electrical Current)
On what type of fire should a Type D fire extinguisher be used? flammable metals (the makeup of each type D fire extinguisher is specific and depends on the type of flammable metal it was intended for - employees should read the label to become familiar before a fire ever occurs)
The ABC fire extinguisher is the most common - what type of fire can it used for? A (common combustible / wood), B (flammable liquids), or C (electrically energized); this extinquisher can be used on all fires except flammable metals.
The acronym PASS can help health care workers remember how to operate a fire extinguisher what does each letter represent? PULL pin, AIM at base of the fire, SQUEEZE handle, SWEEP side to side
Under what conditions should you use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire? If the fire is small and in a confined area
How can health care workers help prevent electrical fires within a facility? By checking electrical equipment for damaged cords and not overloading electrical outlets.
What does the Hazard Communication Standard state and what does it require of facilities? This standard states that employees must be made aware of all hazardous chemicals in the workplace; a material safety data sheet must be kept for every chemical in the facility and must be made available to all employees.
What does acronym MSDS stand for? Material Safety Data Sheets
What is the purpose of MSDS? To provide employees with information re chemicals in the workplace - proper use, hazards and safety precautions if a spill or exposure occurs
In what position is a person lying on their stomach? Prone
How many times should you read a label before using a chemical solution? 3
What should you do if a chemical does not have a label? Do not use it
Foodborne illness is usually caused by a type of microorganism called bacteria
In order to survive and multiply, most bacteria need an environment with what three things: moisture, warm temperature, and oxygen
Why is foodborne illness hard to diagnose? because symptoms resemble the flu - fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, and muscle ache. While most symptoms occur within 4 to 48 hours of eating contaminated food, it can take up to 2 weeks for symptoms to appear.
Foodborne illness can almost always be prevented by: properly handling, preparing, and storing foods
Do not use the same utensils, plates, or cutting boards on raw foods and ready-to-eat foods. This guideline prevents: cross-contamination of bacteria
Perishable foods should not be left at room temperature for more than ___ hours. 2
Sanitizing destroys microorganisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as: bacteria and viruses
Methods for sanitizing include: heat or sanitizing solutions
Which acronym can help you remember what steps to take if a fire should occur in your facility? RACE
There is a fire on the second floor of the Community Rehabilitation Center. Camilla is trying to lead her patients to safety, but the primary exit is blocked by fire. What should Camilla try next? Use the secondary exit
Lydia works at a medical facility in which all employees are required to wear white shoes. Lydia does not agree with this rule. What should Lydia do? Comply with the rule and wear the required shoes
Admitting to a mistake demonstrates: responsibility
Health care workers should behave _______ during interactions with patients and co-workers? professionally
Health care workers should keep their fingernails: short and rounded
It is never acceptable to criticize _____ or _____ differences cultural or religious
Why do health care workers need to avoid wearing strong perfumes, lotions, aftershaves, or hair products? their scents may be overbearing or cause allergic reactions in patients and co-workers
A health care worker staying late to help a co-worker finish a difficult task is a way to demonstrate commitment
If a goal of a health care worker fails to be accomplished, they should: evaluate the goal and determine the reason for failure
Why is it helpful to write down a goal? To make it seem real and attainable
What is the first step in the problem solving method? Identify the problem
What should a health care worker do if the solution to a problem requires a task that is outside of the scope of practice? Contact the supervisor
What is required of all conflict resolution strategies? Compromise
Being open-minded is a _____ that effective leaders demonstrate. trait
When health care workers present a positive self-image, patients are more likely to feel confident about the care they receive
The six principles for maintaining good health are: Good nutrition, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, effective stress management, good posture, and avoid harmful substances
To prevent fatigue and reduce the risk of muscle strains, health care workers should practice: good posture
To develop muscle tone, maintain circulation, relieve stress, and improve emotional well-being, health care workers should exercise daily
Why do the fingernails of health care workers need to be kept short and rounded? Because long or pointed fingernails may injure patients or tear gloves.
Why must long hair be pulled back? Because hair should never touch patients or block vision during procedures.
Desirable traits for health care workers include what 5 general mind-sets: Maintaining a positive attitude, following the rules, communicating effectively, interacting appropriately, growing personally and professionally
Why must health care workers display a positive attitude in their daily activities? A positive spirit is contagious and can create a pleasant environment for patients and co-workers.
To create a positive attitude, health care workers must develop what 5 traits? flexibility, honesty, responsibility, commitment, enthusiasm
Above all other traits, health care workers must be _____ flexible
Because medical facilities are always changing, health care workers must demonstrate: the ability to adapt to change, learn new skills, and try different methods
Why must health care workers always be honest with patients so patients: never doubt the quality of their care
The line of authority establishes a worker's position in a facility's organizational structure and also the levels of supervision
Health care workers must report to their immediate supervisor with questions or problems. If the immediate supervisor is unavailable, the problem should be resolved with the next level of supervision
What health care workers should and should not do according to their profession is referred to as: Scope of practice
What is meant by establishing rapport with a patient? making a connection with the patient
"It's not what you say, but how you say it." refers to tone of voice (a speaker's feelings are expressed through tone of voice)
Elements for tone of voice are: volume, rate, and pitch
If a health care worker can adjust their tone of voice appropriately to the situation, it can become an effective communication tool
When interacting with patients, health care workers must translate medical terminology into lay terms. What is meant by lay terms? Everyday language that patients can understand. For example, instead of saying the medical term lumbar, say the lay term lower back.
While health care workers must remember to use lay terms they must avoid talking down to patients by over-simplifying their language
Written communication should be free of: grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
Eye contact and facial expressions, gestures and body language, physical appearance, touch, and proximity describe methods of: nonverbal communication
Regarding facial expressions of patients, a blank stare can indicate: fever
Re facial expressions of patients, a grimace can express pain
Re facial expressions of patients, a bland look can suggest depression
Health care workers must be conscious of both interpreting facial expressions in others and in mastering their own expression to be sure they are sending: the appropriate message
What type of facial expression should health care workers strive for? an open, friendly expression that is neither too solemn nor too cheerful
Health care workers should be sure to lean forward slightly when interacting with patients. This body language shows interest in the patient
Health care workers must always be conscientious to touch patients with: kindness and respect
The distance between people is one aspect of proximity
The appropriate distance between people varies among cultures
A health care worker realizes that standing over patients who are seated or lying down communicates authority. Because of this she sits down as often as possible when communicating with her patients. This health care worker is sensitive to: how her proximity affects her patients
A health care worker encouraging her team is an example of: enthusiasm
Three aspects of a good communicator include: speaking clearly, being accurate, and listening attentively
Recognizing oneself as a part of a whole and working toward a common purpose is considered: Team identity
Negotiating to reach a mutual agreement is called compromise
In the win/win strategy, team members work together to find a common solution
The most effective way to lead is by: example
In general, what type of leaders are the most successful type democratic leaders
What type of leaders maintain total rule, do not ask for the opinion of the group, and expect the group to follow without question? autocratic leaders
Problem solving requires looking at the big picture and combining factual knowledge with creative thinking
What is the first step in the problem solving method? identify the problem
What should a health care worker do if the solution to a problem requires a task that is outside of the scope of practice? Consult the supervisor
What should a health care worker do if a goal fails to be accomplished? Evaluate the goal and determine the reason for failure
When is it acceptable to be dishonest in a health care facility? It is never acceptable to be dishonest
Which medicine was created in the Primitive Era 4000 BC - 3000 BC and is still used today? Morphine (often given to patients after surgery to treat pain)
Who is believed to be the first physician? Imhotep (Egyptian)
Why did disease spread quickly among the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians? poor sanitation and hygiene
Which ancient civilization trained in many types of surgery, including cataracts and plastic surgery and increased knowledge of anesthesia? Ancient Hindus
Which ancient civilization created walled sewer drains and an underground water pipe system which maintained a sanitary environment and slowed the spread of disease Ancient Hindus
Which ancient civilization documented over 1000 medical herbs and established the science of accupuncture? Ancient Chinese
Which Greek from the late 400s BC is considered the Father of Medicine? Hippocrates
Which Greek developed the field of anatomy and was the first to make a connection between medicine, biology, and the body? Aristotle
What is the Hippocratic Oath? A code of behavior which physicians must follow
In 542 AD (Dark Ages), the entire known world, stretching from China to Africa to Europe, developed outbreaks of the first pandemic in history called: the bubonic plague
The bubonic plague is a bacteria that is transmitted by: fleas and rats
Which of Hippocrates' teachings did Claudius Galen ignore? observation and note-taking
Hippocrates and Aristotle both taught that illness is the result of natural causes (rather than supernatural)
Who made one of the greatest contributions to medical history by stressing the importance of observation of the human body, proper diet, and personal hygiene. Hippocrates
The primary medical belief of the ancient time period was that sickness was caused by a supernatural being and could only be cured through obedience, prayer, and religious rites
Whose vast knowledge of chemistry led to advancements in pharmacology, the study of medicines and their uses Arab's
Who became known as the Arab Hippocrates, discovered that blood was the cause of many infectious diseases, and developed the first form of stitches by using animal-gut sutures to sew wounds. Rhazes
In the Middle Ages, most common people received medical treatment from ____ Barbers
The bubonic plague struck the world for a second time in the 1300's. Between 1347 and 1352, over one-third of Europe's population died. This wave of the plague is referred to as: Black Death
In the mid 1500's, who published the first human anatomy book Vesalius
What is the name of the time period in which many Europeans began to reject their commitments to religion and form new ideas about art and science? Renaissance
Which invention allowed scientists to discover cells? microscope
What is the reason for using the "systems theory" to study a health care facility? It helps the facility to focus on its mission
A group of individual parts that work together to form a unified whole describes a: system
Currently, the main type of health care system within the United States is: A private system funded by insurance and out-of-pocket payments
Within a health care system patient satisfaction, productivity, cost effectiveness and efficiency are known as: measures of success
The availability of the Internet and access to medical information has had what impact on health care consumers? They are more frequently taking responsibility for their own health
Medication management is an example of what component of the health care delivery system? Services
Treatment in outpatient settings is an example of which of the following? cost containment
What is common to both a nursing home and an independent living facility? both care for elderly, disabled, or rehabilitation patients
Why is geriatric care in high-demand? People are living longer
In regards to an organizational structure, it is important that employees within a health care facility respect the roles of: other team members
The purpose of the Food and Drug Administration is to: Regulate food and drug products that are sold in the United States
Although epidemiologists are spending less time overall studying communicable diseases, which communicable disease remains a priority? HIV/AIDS
Medicaid is run by the ____ government State
Why do HMOs encourage healthy lifestyle practices? It is cheaper to prevent illness than to treat an illness
What is a health insurance premium? The amount paid by the patient to an insurance agency for an insurance policy
Mark's insurance pays 100% of physician visits after a deductible of $250. Mark has already paid $100 of the deductible. The next time Mark visits his physician, the physician charges $125. How much is Mark responsible for paying? $125
With a PPO an insured person does not need to choose: a primary care physician to coordinate care
How long must an object soak in disinfectant solution to be properly disinfected? 20 minutes
Hand washing and routine cleaning are examples of what type of practice? Medical asepsis
What is the best way to prevent the spread of infection? wash your hands
How does a pathogen get spread from one person to another person? through a mode of transmission
What causes infectious disease? pathogens
How is a used sharp disposed of? drop the entire sharp into a sharps container
How long can a single pair of gloves be used? during care for one patient
Which type of patient should be considered infectious? All patients should be considered infectious
Wearing a standard surgical mask is a _____ precaution droplet
What should be done with juice that a patient in isolation did not drink? It should be flushed down the toilet in the patient's room
Touching an open wound is an example of _____ contact direct
Why should transmission-based garments never be removed outside of an isolation room? It would increase the risk of spreading infection
How must you label an autoclave package? Items contained, the date of sterilization, and your initials
How should a sterile package be handled? Open with ungloved hands, but be careful not to touch the inside of the package
When should sterile gloves be worn? When treating an open wound
A student is attending the local technical college in a course of study that will take several months to two years of study. What level of education is he probably pursuing? An associate's degree
Which level of education requires four or more years of study at a college or university? bachelor's degree
A worker who has skills as both a nursing assistant and a medical assistant is an example of what trend in health care careers? Multicompetent workers
Which level of education provides experience and education while the person is performing the work? On-the-job training
What is it called when a person continues to get more education to keep skills up-to-date, even after becoming employed? professional development
Which type of credential involves keeping the names of people who are qualified to work in a career on an official list? registration
Which type of organizations exist to further a certain career? professional organizations
What do many health care careers require in order to ensure that workers have the vital skills and are competent? credentials
Who can revoke a member's license to practice? A government agency who authorizes people to work in the career
Who is legally responsible for knowing what the state requirements are to maintain credentials for a health care career? the worker
HOSA and SkillsUSA-VICA are examples of what type of organization? student organizations
Which type of credential is usually voluntary and managed by the national professional organization for the career? certification
What are the several jobs that act as steps along the way to a person's ultimate career goal called? career path
Which type of work has no pay, but offers valuable experience? volunteer work
What is the experience where you get to see first-hand "a day in the life" of someone working in a particular career? job shadowing
A promotion to a higher-level position is referred to as: an advancement
What should be included with a resume? a cover letter
Who is it that can speak positively about an applicant? a reference
What should you do if you do not have the experience required for the job you want? work in a related, but lower-level job
A form on which an applicant provides information about his or her experience and education is called: an application
For what reason may an employer legally NOT hire an applicant? The applicant is not able to do the job or meet the hours required by the job
One of the best ways to find a job opening is: networking with family, friends, and other contacts
The document that highlights an applicantants qualifications for employment is called: a resume
You are applying for a job as a nursing assistant. Your application for employment is evidence of your ability to: follow instructions and spell correctly
What must a letter of resignation include? The effective date of resignation
When should an applicant arrive for an interview? 10 minutes early
In the letter of resignation, the effective date of resignation should be: at least two weeks from the date of the letter of resignation
What is it called when an employer and an applicant meet to discuss the job opening? an interview
A follow-up letter should include: why you are the best person for the job
In addition to a hard copy of the resume and references, what documentations should an applicant bring to an interview? Any credentials, such as certificates, registration, and licenses
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