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Cyclophosphamide IMMUNO Cytotoxic inhibitor (B AND T) Cell Cycle Nonspecific Sig 3 For severe rheumatologic Conditions and Malignancies
Azathioprine IMMUNO Cytotoxic inhibitor (B AND T) S-Phase Siig 3 For sever unresponsive RA and Renal Transplant Is carcinogenic, Not with pregnancy
Methotrexate IMMUNO Cytotoxic inhibitor (B AND T) Interferes with DNA Synthesis Sig 3 Used for RA and Neoplasms
Cyclosporine IMMUNO T-Cell Suppressant For transplants, RA, psoriasis (Neoral) AR-Renal, HTN
Mycophenolate Mofentil IMMUNO T-Cell Suppressant DNA Synthesis Sig-3 For transplants with Cyclosporine
Muromonab IMMUNO T-Cell Supressant Murine Sig-1 Transplants
Lymphocyte Immune Globulin IMMUNO T-Cell Suppressant Equine Not for pregnancy
Daclizumab IMMUNO T-Cell Suppressant Human and Murine Sig-3
RhoGAM IMMUNO Hemolytic Disease of Newborn Give within 72hrs of Birth Suppresses response of RhO- to RhO+ children
Interferon Beta IMMUNO MS
Interferon Gamma IMMUNO Phagocyte Activating Chronic Granulomatous Disease
Aspirin NSAID COX1/COX2 GI bleeding All da shit
Diflusinal NSAID Reversible COX1/2 Inhibitor Not antipyretic Longer T1/2 than Aspirin
Piroxicam NSAID Enolic Reversible COX1/2
Meloxicam NSAID Enolic Reversible COX1/2 More 2
Nabemetone NSAID Alkanone Reversible COX1/2 More 2 Activated in Liver Headache
Ibuprofen NSAID Propionic Ocular Disturbance
Naproxen NSAID Propionic Juvenile RA Better than Indomethacin
Ketoprofen NSAID Propionic GI Headache
Oxaprozin NSAID Proprionic GI
Indomethacin NSAID Acetic Acid Sever Side effects
Etodolac NSAID Acetic Acid
Diclofenac NSAID Acetic Acid Dizziness, Headache
Tolmetin NSAID Acetic Acid Anaphylactoid Reactions Juvenile RA
Ketorolac NSAID Acetic Acid Headache
Celebrex NSAID COX2 Sulfonamid Allergy Osteoarthritis, RA, FAP, Dysmenorrhea
Omalizumab ASTHMA Anti-IgE
Cromolyn Sodium ASTHMA Stops Degranulation Prophylactic
Anticholinergic Asthma Ipratopium, Tiotropium
Beta Adrenergic Asthma All of the -ols and Terbutaline
Theophylline, Aminophylline ASTHMA Methylxanthines Bronchodialators
Corticosteroids, Asthma -ones, -ides
Leukotriene Modulators, Asthma Zafirleukast, Monteleukast, Zileuton
Hydrocortisone STEROIDS Short Acting
Prednisone STEROIDS Intermediate Acting
Triamcinolone STEROIDS Intermediate Acting
Dexamethsone STEROIDS Long Acting
Fludrocortisone STEROIDS Mineralocorticoid Short Acting
Spironolactone STEROIDS Short Acting Competes with Aldosterone
Cosyntropin STEROIDS ACTH Stimulates Adrenal Cortex Releases glucocorticoids, androgens, aldosterone
Very Sedating Antihistamines H1 Doxylamine, Promethazine, Hydroxyzine
Sedating Antihistamines H1 Diphenhydramine, Dimenhydrinate, Chlorpheniramine, Meclazine
Non-Sedating Antihistamines H1 Loratidine, Certirizine, Fexofenadine
H2 Antihistamines Cimetidine, Ranitidine, Famotidine, Nizatidine Inhibit Gastric Acid Secretion
Scopolamine EMETICS Anti-Emetic Transdermal
Prochorperazine EMETICS Dopamine Antagonist
Metoclopramide EMETICS Dopamine Antagonist
Ondasetron EMETICS 5-HT3 Antagonists Cancer
Granisetron EMETICS 5-HT3 Antagonists Cancer
Dolasetron EMETICS 5-HT3 Antagonists Cancer
Dronabinol EMETICS Cannabinoid
Aprepitant EMETICS Antiemetic for Cancer
Dextromethorphan TUSSIVES As Effective as opioids for moderate cough. Low Abuse and side effects
Benzonatate TUSSIVES Local Anesthetic
Guaifennesin TUSSIVES Expectorant, increase mucus production in airway
Mucomyst TUSSIVES Mucolytic
Hyrdrochloroquine ARTHRITIS Ocular Toxicity
Sulfasalazine ARTHRITIS Immunosupressive, affinity for connective tissue Reversible Neutropenia Combined with Methotrexate
Leflunomide ARTHRITIS 2 week halflife Elevated ALT and AST Liver Injury
Etanercept ARTHRITIS Binds to TNF A and B Juvenile RA* Combined with Methotrexate
Infliximab ARTHRITIS Binds TNF A only Murine/Human RA with methotrexate
Propylthiouracil HYPERTHYROID Inhibits TH synthesis
Methimazole HYPERTHYROID Inhibits TH synthesis
Levothyroxine HYPOTHYROID Synthetic T4
Fosamax OSTEOPOROSIS Bisphosphonate Slows Bone Turnover Inhibits Enzymes Pagets Disease
Actonel OSTEOPOROSIS Bisphosphonate Slows Bone Turnover Inhibits Enzymes
Reclast OSTEOPOROSIS Bisphosphonate Slows Bone Turnover Inhibits Enzymes Injection
Zometa OSTEOPOROSIS Bisphosphonate Slows Bone Turnover Inhibits Enzymes Injection Treats Hypercalcemia
Boniva OSTEOPOROSIS Bisphosphonate Slows Bone Turnover Inhibits Enzymes
Evista OSTEOPOROSIS Estrogen therapy. Bad Cancer
Teriparatide OSTEOPOROSIS Parathyroid Hormone
Calcitriol OSTEOPOROSIS Vitamin D metabolite. Increases Ca absorption
Pamidronate OSTEOPOROSIS IV for hypercalcemia
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