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French Jew

Explain Durkheims view on Anomie Anomie is when someone or something experiences new norms, expectations and laws. When someone experiences anomie they suffer feelings that may be alone.
Durkheims ways of Social Strutcure Social Facts, Solidarity, collective conscience, rituals, symbols
Social Facts laws, beliefs, language create the facts of society. Social facts are created so behavior can be controlled.
Solidarity Mechanical vs Organic... Mechanical is being alike certain individuals which then makes you one. Organic is when separation occurs creating differences and interdependence.
Mechanical and Organic Solidarity are good because? Differences allow us to depend on one another, thus society is maintained.
Collective Conscience molded by rituals, beliefs, values, norms within the society. Everyone has a sense to what is wrong and right.
Rituals routine behaviors that are guided by social facts
Symbols are generated through rituals such as the cross, the flag... etc.
Sacred vs. Profane Sacred is the realm of the social crowd and Profane is the realm of the individual crowd. Fundamentally religion is apart of the social world while profanity is an anything that lacks meaning or is not special.
Collective representation As volume and density increases within a society then it is evident that differences of perspectives also form. Representing the collective conscience is evident when arguing a thesis to an antithesis.
Social Change Social Change occurs when crime and deviance are in play. When there are a large amount of people we can see that mechanical solidarity conforms into organic solidarity and a division is among a society.
Nature By nature humans are selfish and egotistic. Humans depend on Moral order inside society.
Agency is constrained by the group. 2 types of agencys are the moral man vs. the economic man.
Economic Man works in his best interest
Moral man works in the best interest for the group.
Methods Using social fats to explain social structure. Analyze society as a living organism.
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