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Father of Theory

What was Comte obsessed with? Social Order
Describe Social Order in Comte's view? Comte saw the world as a chaotic place and that it was naturally disordered.
How can we create Social Change in Comte's view? Social Change is dependent on the three laws of Comte.
What are the three Laws of Comte? Theological, metaphysical and positivism.
Theological Stage Religion predicts science
Metaphysical Stage Lawyers base their opinion on logic, ethics and morals.
Positivism Stage Is when people apply logic to data. It is the use of theory to interpret factual events and on the other hand, factual evidence to prove a plausible theory.
Social Statistics shows that some elements will never change such as feelings on religion, morals, beliefs.
Social Dynamics Shows that elements such as law and politics are constantly changing.
How does Comte feel about agency If agency is dictated by the environment then Comte believes that agency is irrelevant but believes that humans have the ability to act as individuals.
How does Comte reffer to Human Nature He believes that we as humans are selfish and egotistic people. Thus, people struggle to interact with one another.He also states that we are emotional creatures and that Moral Nature has been seeded into our heads.
Emotional Creatures When emotions are involved we are motivated by are feelings to react.
Methods Comte uses? Observing, experimenting, comparing and using historical analysis.
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