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WH Unit 6 Quiz

For the quiz on November 1st

Three reasons for exploration? God, glory, gold
Things from Arabs that Europeans took to explore. Cartography (mapmaking) compass, astrolabe
Why was Prince Henry important? Sponsored first sea exploration
Where was Prince Henry from? Portugal
First great exploring country? Portugal
Line of Demarcation Line that splits the world between SPN and POR
Who drew the Line of Demarcation? Pope
What treaty made the Line of Demarcation official? Treaty of Tordesillas
Cortez conquered who and where? Aztecs in Mexico
Pizzaro conquered who and where? Inca in Peru
Portugal controlled what South American country? Brazil
Columbian Exchange named after? Columbus
What was the Columbian Exchange? Exchange of goods from AME to EUR and vice versa.
Stuff from AME to EUR in Columbian Exchange? Tobacco, tomatoes, potaters, corn
Stuff from EUR to AME in Columbian Exchange? Horses, disease, slaves, guns
Where was the Dutch East India Company? Islands off India
Where was the Dutch West India Company? Caribbean
What part of the Americas did England take? VA and East Coast/Mass
What part of the Americas did France take? Mississippi and Canada
What part of the Americas did Spain take? South America, MEX, FLA
What part of the Americas did Netherlands take? New York
Crop that brought slaves to US? Tobacco
First leg of triangle trade? Manufactured goods to AFR from EUR (guns)
Second leg of triangle trade? Slaves from AFR to AME
Second leg of triangle trade called? Middle Passage
Third leg of triangle trade? AME sending raw materials to EUR
Most African slaves were … POWs Prisoners of war
Religion that spread from northern Africa to southern Africa? Christianity
Island nation in Pacific that becomes Muslim? Indonesia
What people in that island nation that became Muslim caused the change? Traders
What were the Moluccas? Spice Islands
Why did Portugal settle the Moluccas? Spices
Why didn't Europe have a big impact on the mainland? Mainland had stronger government and bigger population than the islands
Two main religions on islands in Southeast Asia? Islam and Catholicism
Main religion on mainland in Southeast Asia? Buddhism
Created by: rockcastle