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large region characterized by a specific type of climate and certain types of plants and animals biome
refers to the weather conditions in an area over a long period of time climate
________________ and ______________ are two most important factors that determine a region's climate temperature, precipitation
the distance north or south of the equator latitude
the height of an object above sea level altitude
this biome helps regulate world climate and plays a vital roles in the nitrogen, oxygen and carbon cycles tropical rain forest
tropical rain forest always humid and warm
this biome contains more species plants than any other biome tropical rain forest
top layer of trees found in the tropical rain forest emergent layer
layer of trees found just underneath the emergent layer in the tropical rain forest canopy
bottom layer of vegetation found in a tropical rain forest understory
type of biome which has large amounts of precipitation, high humidity, and moderate temperatures temperate rain forest
this biome is characterized by brilliant foliage during the fall season temperate deciduous forest
northern coniferous forest that stretches in a broad band across the Northern Hemisphere just below the Artic Circle taiga
tree that has seeds that develop in cones conifers
biome with the best soil temperate grass land
animal species of the tropical rain forest have adaptations to use __________ and avoid ______________. resources, competition
migration of animals in the savanna is mostly a response to rainfall
spadefoot toads survive the dry conditions of the desert by burying themselves in the ground
the tundra is most suitable to a vertebrate that can migrate hundreds of kilometers each summer
a biome that has a large amount of rainfall, high temperature, and poor soil is a tropical rain forest
the two main factors that determine where organisms live are temperature ad precipitation
of the following, savanna, temperate rain forest, chaparral, desert, which contains large trees. temperate rain forest
the most common types of plants in the taiga biome are coniferous trees
succulent plants have thick, fleshy stems
The top layer in a tropical rain forest is the a. canopy. b. understory. c. emergent layer. d. tree line. emergent layer
Extreme temperatures, abundant precipitation, rich, deep soils, and a growing season of four to six months represent a a. tropical rain forest. b. taiga. c. temperate deciduous forest. d. savanna. temperate deciduous forest
savanna biome where we saw a cheetah chasing down and killing a young gazelle
major plant form found in the tundra biome lichens