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Stack #107072

Solid State of matter in which the particles of matter are closet together, having a definite shape and volume.
Liquid State of matter in which the particles are free to move over, under, and round one another, particles are farther apart then solid, no shape but a definite volume.
Gas State of matter in which particles are moving the fastest and are the furthest away from each other, no definite shape or volume.
Plasma State of matter achieved under very high temperatures, no definiate shape, atoms have been ripped apart.
Kinetic Molecular Theory Explains that differences in states of matter are caused by how fast the atoms in the subtance are moving.
Endothermic Physical change in which energy is absorbed, the temperature of the substance changes. ENDO = IN.
Exothermic Physical Change in which the energy is released, the temperature of the substance changes.EXO = OUT
Melting A Phase change from a solid to a liquid, material must gain energy, temperature increases.
Melting Point The temperature at which a substance begins to melt. 32 F, 0 C
Freezing The pahse change from a liquid to a solid, material must lose energy, temperature decreases.
Created by: sienkiewicz60