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CG Africa Quiz

Questions for the CG Africa Quiz taking place on Wednesday

Africa is the _____ largest continent in the world. 2nd
What does "out of Africa" mean? The first humans were in Africa and all humans must have come out of Africa. All humans can trace their roots back to Africa.
What was the first human-like creature? Australopithecines (Lucy)
Where was Lucy found? South-central Africa
What does homo-sapiens-sapiens mean? Wise wise humans
Why are there different races? Skin reacts differently to different climates. More sun = darker skin.
What is Bantu? An African language
What were the Bantu migrations? The movement of the Bantu people from the Niger River valley to southern Africa.
Why were the Bantu migrations important? They showed all of Africa how to farm.
What was the last major migration in Africa? The slave trade
When did the slave trade happen? 1400s to 1800s
Which two groups are fighting in Darfur, Sudan? Christians and Muslims
Which side does the government support in Darfur? Muslims
Why is the conflict in Darfur such a big deal? 300K dead and 2.7 refugees left
What are three problems facing children in Africa today? Poverty, high child mortality rates and no universal primary education
What does universal primary education mean? Everyone gets to go to school until fifth grade
What is a physical map? Shows non-manmade features
What is a political map? Shows manmade features
Which mountains are in Northwest Africa? Atlas Mountains
Which mountains are in Southern Africa? Drajensburg Mountains
What is the highest peak in Africa? Mount Kilimanjaro
What is the largest lake in Africa? Lake Victoria
What is the longest river in Africa? The Nile River
Which desert is found in Northern Africa? Sahara Desert
Which desert is found in Southern Africa? Kalahari
What kind of leaders ruled most of the Arab countries have before 2010? Military leaders, religious rullers, kings and presidents for life.
What did the vegetable salesman in Tunisia do? Why did he do it? He set himself on fire to protest the unfairness of the government.
How did Facebook and Youtube help spread the revolutions in Arab countries? They used the internet to meet up and share stories of how the people are treated poorly.
How did Tunisia help Egypt have a revolution? They used the internet to share the experiences from their revolution. It motivated the Egyptians to start their own revolution.
Created by: rockcastle