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Physics Unit 6

The movement of electrons creates a ________ current. electric
________ fields are created by electric currents. Magnetic
An electric current runs through a metal spoon and induces ________. a magnetic field
A galvanometer's needle moves in response to a(n) ______. electric current
A voltmeter, a type of galvanometer, measures _______. voltage
You are lost in the woods; luckily, you have an instrument called a(n) ________ that helps you locate your position as its needle points to the magnetic north. compass
Loops in a current-carrying wire make a _______. solenoid
An electric current's strength is measured by a(n) ______. ammeter
To build a(n) _______, you wrap a conducting wire into a coil around a steel or iron core that becomes magnetized by the electric current. electromagnet
A solenoid is positioned between a stationary magnet's poles to produce a(n) ________, an instrument that can measure small electric currents. galvanometer
Who were the two scientists that simultaneously invented electric devices capable of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy? Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry
A ______ magnetic field deflects or repulses the magnetic field created in the wire loop, thereby making the loop rotate. magnet's
______ receive electric current from the stationary contacts. Brushes
______ receive electric current from DC power source. Stationary contacts
______ is produced by the loop's constant rotation, it turns the motor. Torque
A ______ receives electric current from the brushes, which then creates a magnetic field that is repulsed by the magnet's magnetic field. Wire loop
What is the induction of a magnetic field by an electric current? electromagnetism
What is the induction of an electric current in a conductor by magnets? electromagnetic induction
According to ________ ___, a coil's induced voltage is proportional to the product of the coil's number of loops and the rate at which the magnetic field changes. Faraday's Law
What is the formula used to find the input voltage of a transformer? Ns=Vs Np Vp
To reduce the input voltage from an electrical circuit to operate a machine at the correct input voltage, you need a(n) ______ transformer. step-down
A complete ______ is produced with one revolution of an armature. cycle
A regular AC current in the US operates at _____ Hz or cycles per second. 60
What is the number of turns needed in secondary coil if voltage changes from 240 V to 120 V and the number of turns in the primary coil is 180? 90
What do you use to turn up and down the volume of a voice amplifier? rheostat
You need to determine why a light has gone out in your car interior; you can check to see whether a ______ is burned out. fuse
What do you use to control a larger current by using a smaller current? relay switch
What do you use to ensure that if a circuit overload occurs in your house's electrical system, the house doesn't catch fire? circuit breaker
An advantage of AC current is how easy it is to convert ______. voltages
A disadvantage of _______ is that it is difficult to convert voltages. DC current
If we used DC current today for our residential electricity, we would have to install a __________ on each block. power station
Transmission lines carrying AC current have a low _________ so that they don't overheat. amperage
Transmission lines carrying DC current carried about 100 V and the electricity had to be delivered to the end point within a ______. mile
To generate electricity in the form of AC current, waterfalls, steam derived from burning fossil fuels, or __________ is used. nuclear power
The voltages of AC current are expressed in terms of _________. DC voltage
Every second, ______ fluctuates 60 times, meaning that for 60 "instants" no power is transmitted. AC current
Just before electricity enters a household, it passes through transmission lines going to a ________. city substation
An advantage of AC current is that the voltages in its transmission lines may be stepped up or stepped down by _________ to deliver the correct voltages at their end points. transformers
The battle of AC current vs. DC current ended in _________ being used as our electricity today. AC current
The electricity for AC current is generated in __________. power stations
At one point in history, this individual had a near monopoly on electrical power delivery systems. Thomas Alva Edison
A brilliant scientist from Croatia, ______ performed much of the research that resulted in the successful installation of AC systems. Nikola Tesla
The owner of General Electric, this man promoted the usage of DC current. Thomas Alva Edison
The individual who owned Westinghouse Electric Company and promoted the utilization of AC current was ________. George Westinghouse
Stay away from __________ lines, substations, and any installation designed to handle transmission-level power. high-voltage
If ________ is nearby, follow safety procedures. lightning
Never put anything ________ into an electrical appliance when it is plugged into a wall socket. conductive
Be careful with electrical appliances, especially around _______. water
Be careful around automobile _______. batteries
An AC motor that Nikola Tesla invented was the ________ motor. polyphase induction
Nikola Tesla's understanding that ___________ that were out of phase caused rotation is considered to be one of the ten greatest discoveries of all time. alternating currents
During the development of the first incandescent light bulb, a filament that was cheaper, ______, and more pleasant was sought after. safer
Tungsten, osmium, and carbon were all materials inventors used to compose ________ in early incandescent light bulbs. filaments
When a high temperature causes the emission of visible light by a body such as a light bulb, it is termed ________. incandescence
When a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation of a different wavelength emits light, it is called ________. fluorescence
The inventor who invented the first commercially produced and practical _________ light bulb was Thomas Alva Edison. incandescent
In 1912, Irving Langmuir introduced the idea of installing a coiled tungsten filament joined with __________ in an incandescent bulb's interior to produce a brighter light. inert gas
Scientist _________ applied a metal coating to the filament of an incandescent light bulb's interior to reduce smokiness. Willis Whitnew
A man who believed in Nikola Tesla's work, owned Westinghouse Electric Company, and championed the installation of AC current in the US was ____________. George Westinghouse
Electric energy provides two advantages over other energy forms, including being fairly plentiful and comparatively inexpensive to produce and ________. transport
A frosted interior for light bulbs was invented in 1925 by Marvin Pipkin and _________. General Electric
Two advantages of wind power are that it is __________ and does not _________. inexhaustible; pollute
Three disadvantages of wind power are that it needs ___________, is not __________, and it is _________. room for tall towers; constant; noisy
What source of power has advantages like being inexhaustible, nonpolluting, and used in locations where power grid is not available? solar power
What is a disadvantage of solar power? expensive
What source of power has an advantage of being inexhaustible but a disadvantage of requiring that water must have high potential energy due to gravity? hydropower
If a machine produces electric current or voltage from electromagnetic radiation, especially visible light from the sun, then it is _________. photovoltaic
An advantage of wind, solar, and hydropower is that they are ________. inexhaustible
Frequently, the use of solar-powered devices is in locations where electricity is ___________ from the energy grid. not available
In a photovoltaic cell, electrons in the upper panel move to a ___________ after being hit by sunlight and then flow towards another panel. higher energy state
A main concern in the hunt for new energy sources is that they do not _________ the earth. pollute
When electrons move, they produce a(n) __________ current. electric
An electric current may be measured by three instruments: a galvanometer, an __________, or a voltmeter. ammeter
A changing electric field in the form of an electric current creates a magnetic field is due to the phenomenon of _________. induction
To induce magnetism in a spoon, you run a(n) _____________ through it. electric current
A(n) __________ is a type of galvanometer that measures voltage. voltmeter
A compass' needle points to the __________. magnetic north
Making loops in a current-carrying wire creates a(n) __________. solenoid
An ammeter measures and electric current's strength in ________. amperes
Once a conducting wire is wrapped into a coil around a(n) __________, the wire's electric current magnetizes it, and you create an electromagnet. iron core
A galvanometer is produced by positioning a _________ between a stationary magnet's poles. solenoid
A magnet's south pole is attracted to the north pole of another _______ due to an attraction called magnetism. magnet
Scientists Joseph Henry and Michael Faraday invented electric devices that converted _____________ into mechanical energy. electrical energy
A _________ provides a DC power source for a DC motor. battery
Every half revolution of the wire loop in a DC motor _________ reverses the current, thereby changing the direction of the magnetic field of a DC motor's wire loop. armature
The ____________ in a DC motor's magnet deflects or repulses the wire loop's magnetic field created and as a result, makes the loop rotate. magnetic field
Electric current travels from the stationary contacts to the ________. brushes
The DC power source delivers electric current to the ___________. stationary contacts
The loop's constant rotation creates ______ that turns the DC motor. torque
The brushes send electric current to the _________, which then creates a magnetic field that the magnet's magnetic field repulses. wire loop
What protective device prevents circuit overloads from causing fires? circuit breaker
What protective device burns out in cars? fuse
What device enables you to change volumes in amplifiers? rheostat
What device enables you to deal with a smaller current instead of a larger current? relay switch
It is easy to convert the voltages in _________. AC current
The transmission lines that carry AC current have a low _______, so they overheat. amperage
It is difficult to convert the voltages in ________. direct current
In our country's history, there was a battle between whether we would use AC or DC current; ____ current's advantages were responsible for its use today. AC
AC current voltages may be stepped up or stepped down by _______. transformers
_________ held a monopoly on electrical power delivery systems for a while, promoted DC systems, invented the first practical incandescent light bulb, and owned General Electric. Thomas Alva Edison
Who is the man who owned Westinghouse Electric Company and championed the use of AC current? George Westinghouse
Who is the Croatian scientist who did much research on AC systems and motors? Nikola Tesla
Scientists around the world are seeking __________ energy sources. renewable
The production of electric energy has depleted large amounts of resources, plus it produces ________. pollution
In early incandescent light bulbs, 98% of the energy was converted into ________, not light. heat
_________ is generated due to the kinetic energy of falling water. hydroelectricity
Power derived from hot rocks is _________ energy production. geothermal
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